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Erin & Kevin’s wedding day was perfectly tailored to their personalities – welcoming & fun with the perfect amount of vintage & vibrant! From the hand-sewn cloth napkins that Kevin’s sister spent hours creating & an adorable cake made by one of Erin’s bridesmaids to the farmer’s market-inspired floral design by a family friend, you could feel the love and thought that went into each part of Erin & Kevin’s wedding celebration. They dreamed of an outdoor garden wedding and, at Willow Springs surrounded by barns & corn fields, and they got just that! Except, Mother Nature brought an unexpected element to their wedding day: Rain! Down-pouring rain! And how did they handle it? They smiled, made eye contact that spoke volumes across the room, and said their “I do’s” huddled under umbrellas outside with their closest family & friends! We would be willing to bet that not a single guest will ever forget Erin & Kevin’s ceremony – it was truly one of the most memorable wedding moments we have ever been a part of! Everyone endured the rain and focused on Erin & Kevin as they promised their lives to one another, and moments later they were blessed with the most defined and beautiful DOUBLE rainbow we have ever captured! SO romantic! We’ve come to love photographing rain on wedding days. It has a way of bringing everyone even closer together and, at Erin & Kevin’s wedding, the rain left behind an abundance of energy that their guests couldn’t wait to use up on the dance floor!! :)

Love, Kelsy & Butch

Erin & Kevin’s wedding was published in the Fall/Winter 2013 edition of Wisconsin Bride Magazine!!

Rather than an engagement session, these two invited us to Chicago for a just married session a few weeks after their wedding! We had so much fun photographing them as Mr & Mrs against the Chicago skyline :)

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Gold, red & blue. Charming Milwaukee streets. Sparkle as far as the eye could see. Guests that had traveled to Wisconsin from all around the country (& beyond) to celebrate the cutest couple imaginable! These words don’t come close to describing how incredible Jess & Dom’s wedding day was!!

The moment we arrived, Jess was a bundle of energy and nothing but GIANT smiles. Surrounded by her lovely bridesmaids all wearing monogramed “getting ready” shirts, they chatted, laughed, and had their makeup done in a plush suite at The Pfister Hotel. After a beautiful ceremony at The Cathedral of St. John, Jess & Dom joyfully exited the church through an Arch of Swords provided by Dom’s Marine friends on sword detail – such a grand moment!

The feeling of romance grew exponentially throughout the day. Rain filled the skies, and we were so thankful when it took a most timely pause just as Jess, Dom and their wedding party gathered between a line of trees. A scene that was as grand as Jess & Dom’s hearts are big! When we arrived at the Pfister we took one more walk through the city just as the street lights were starting to take over. Traffic paused while Dom escorted his beautiful new bride across the street, and we almost felt like just watching them – it was truly a movie scene from the early 20th century!! Our hearts were so full while taking pictures of these two. :)

Just like every part of Jess & Dom’s wedding day leading up to this point, their reception was grand. The warmth of the Pfister along with the magical touch of Janelle from Événement Planning was simply perfect. Seeing Jess & Dom in the balcony as their guests entered — they had Christmas morning written all over their faces!! With dancing in between each course, great toasts, cheers, and laughter, the celebratory spirit of all of their guests filled the ballroom and then some! We feel truly honored to have captured every moment of this beautiful fête!

Love | Kelsy & Butch

PS! We had the opportunity to do a fun little experiment and would like to share. During Jess & Dom’s wedding we brought along an extra 35mm camera, loaded it up with Delta 3200, and spread one roll out over the entire day. Come see Jess & Dom’s Pfister wedding on one roll of film! :)

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We’ve been smiling non-stop while putting this blog post together! Becky & Joe are one of the sweetest and most in love couples we’ve had the privilege & pleasure of getting to know with our cameras, and their happiness is infectious!! If we were to guess, we would say that scrolling through their happy faces brought a smile to yours too ;)

These two wear their emotions right on their sleeves (and also on their faces), and that is just part of what made their wedding day so powerful. Becky undoubtedly gets this characteristic from her sweet Dad who was overcome with emotion many times throughout the day, and Joe’s adoring eyes speak volumes of just how much he loves his beautiful bride! It’s moments like these that we are beyond grateful to capture such authentic love.

After getting ready surrounded by her ladies at her & Joe’s house, Becky headed to see Joe for the first time before their ceremony. It was quite a brisk afternoon at Normandale Lake, but it’s as if the temperature didn’t even matter. The fall colors were beautiful, Becky & Joe looked incredible, and this was their day! :) After wedding party portraits surrounded by the most charming “California trees” (as we McCartneys call them), we headed to St Michael’s Lutheran Church where Becky & Joe shared a moment with their wedding party and then were married by Becky’s Uncle & Godfather.

Becky (& Joe) spent countless hours planning, crafting and creating fun elements to bring their wedding vision to life. The Minnesota Valley Country Club was dressed with decor in rich autumn hues, and Joe said it best during the toast that he spoke of his lovely bride on their wedding day – “this little lady made most everything you see in this room!!” :)

We wish these two lived closer so that we could have them over for wine & yummy bites on a weekly basis :) Thank you, Becky & Joe, for inviting us into your wedding celebration so warmly that we truly felt like family!

Love | Kelsy & Butch

Images captured on film (Fuji Pro 400H, Delta HP5 & Ilford 3200) with Contax 645, Hasselblad 500cm & Nikon F100.

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It’s true. We have major fall fever over here and are so thrilled to share Cami & Dan’s beautiful September wedding!! These two just celebrated their one year anniversary last month, and seeing the bright yellow tree outside our little office window let us know that this was the perfect time to inspire everyone with their rich fall celebration.

Cami & Dan’s first look was one of the most romantic that we have witnessed. Cami walked the length of a covered bridge in Central Wisconsin as she snuck up on Dan, and their reactions were something our cameras simply couldn’t get enough of! Not to mention, they were blessed with a BEAUTIFUL fall day and it seemed that the colors popped just for them, the night before their wedding day :)

Drawing on that autumnal feel, Fawn from Inspired by Nature created the most stunning bouquets for Cami & her ladies to carry. They couldn’t have more perfectly complimented the girls’ plum dresses and Cami’s gorgeous lace gown!! And did we mention Dan’s airplane yet? There’s something about photographing a bride & groom with their plane that makes us dance around… we actually can’t believe we just wrote that!! How many brides & grooms have airplanes?! :)

We feel like Cami & Dan’s wedding was just yesterday! We know they’ve already had tons of adventures in their first year of marriage, and it makes us smile knowing how many are yet to come!

Love | Kelsy & Butch

// Film: Fuji Pro 400H, Delta HP5 & Ilford 3200 // Camera: Contax 645, Hasselblad 500cm & Nikon F100 //

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Nicole & Andrew’s incredible style is something worth noting, and so is the adorable way they bring out the BIGGEST smiles & laughs in each other!! If there were ever a couple that could handle a super rainy wedding day with grace, it’s these two. On October 5th Mother Nature was pouring down pretty hard on beautiful Door County, but we braved the rain together and couldn’t be more excited about the images we created with these two!!

After Nicole & Andrew’s ceremony we hopped on a trolley and pointed it in the direction of a family member’s stunning barn/home in Sister Bay, which turned out to be the most perfect solution to creating portraits outside despite the rain! We couldn’t get enough of their adorable porch and, if you can’t tell from the photos, Nicole & Andrew are a blast to be around (not to mention to have in front of our cameras!!!).

With nautical touches splashed around their reception at Gordon Lodge and guests singing “love” songs to make them kiss, Nicole & Andrew’s celebration undeniably brightened the day! These two must be extra blessed, as both their engagement session and wedding day were filled with snow & rain!

Nicole & Andrew, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you for inviting us into your wedding day!! We adore the two of you and hope these photographs are cherished in your family for generations!

Love | Kelsy & Butch

// Film: Fuji Pro 400H, Delta HP5 & Ilford 3200 // Camera: Contax 645, Hasselblad 500cm & Nikon F100 //

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