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We’re not sure where to begin as we try to lace together words to match the powerful day that was Lydia & Jon’s wedding. Their wedding day was not only a celebration of an all-consuming love, but also a celebration of life and family!

When Lydia & Jon announced their engagement, we have to admit, we did a little bit of a ‘happy dance’ in the hopes they might think of us to document their wedding celebration. When they did, we were over the moon excited! We planned a Skype date to talk about their hopes for their wedding photos and hear what type of Door County, WI wedding they were planning! Shortly before our Skype date, Lydia emailed to let us know they recently decided to have TWO weddings instead of one! As we continued to read, we discovered that Jon’s Dad, Paul, had been battling cancer and, as of very recently, things were not going as they would hope. It was Jon’s wish that his Dad would see him marry the woman of his dreams – the woman who he would spend the rest of his life with.

We quickly found ourselves in the air to Boston, almost in disbelief that Lydia & Jon’s wedding was just days away. We made the most of our few days in the area before their wedding and, on August 8th, we woke up feeling distinctly honored to capture the incredible day that was ahead of us. Nothing could have prepared us for the emotion we witnessed on this very special day. It was written on everyones faces. Joy. Sadness. Love. Jon brought his dad up the aisle moments before his soon-to-be wife made the same walk with her Dad, and it was as if every emotion was pouring out of his face. Lydia’s Dad, Cory, is a Pastor in Door County and his words & wishes couldn’t have been more perfect a he gave his daughter away to Jon. This was one of the many personal touches that made Lydia & Jon’s wedding so heartfelt and unique to the two of them.

In just a few short months Lydia & Jon planned a day filled with so much thought, you’d think they had been planning for a year! To touch on a few, Lydia’s gorgeous dress was custom-made from the same satin that both her Grandmother and her Mom, Darla, wore on their wedding days. The absolutely stunning veil that wrapped Lydia up belonged to Jon’s Mom, Kathy. We honestly couldn’t get over what a STUNNING bride Lydia was!! Her & Jon’s wedding was also made possible by the talent of many family members like the music played during their ceremony and sweet cookie favors awaiting each guest at their dinner table. :)

After lovely words from Cory, Lydia and Jon were ready to share their hand-written vows. Lydia’s vows were several pages long and, though she wanted to hold Jon’s hand, she also needed one hand to hold the vows and the other to flip through the pages. As if they weren’t a cute enough couple already, Jon made this possible by flipping pages for Lydia so that he could hold her hand too! Though very small, this little detail speaks volumes to the “team” that they are.

After portraits in the most romantic evening light followed by especially emotional first dances, Lydia & Jon had a surprise for Paul & Kathy, Jon’s parents, during the anniversary dance. They played his parents’ wedding song and, as Paul got up to dance with his wife, there were very few dry eyes in the room. This entire day was a beautiful example of the kind of love we all hope for, both from our family members and the person we choose to spend the rest of our lives with.

Lydia and Jon, we honestly cannot thank you enough for choosing us to capture such precious moments with the ones you love!!

Love, Kelsy & Butch

boston-area-wedding-photographer-002 boston-area-wedding-photographer-003 boston-area-wedding-photographer-004 boston-area-wedding-photographer-005 boston-area-wedding-photographer-006 boston-area-wedding-photographer-007 boston-area-wedding-photographer-008 boston-area-wedding-photographer-009 boston-area-wedding-photographer-010 boston-area-wedding-photographer-011 boston-area-wedding-photographer-012 boston-area-wedding-photographer-013 boston-area-wedding-photographer-014 boston-area-wedding-photographer-015 boston-area-wedding-photographer-016 boston-area-wedding-photographer-017 boston-area-wedding-photographer-018 boston-area-wedding-photographer-019 boston-area-wedding-photographer-020 boston-area-wedding-photographer-021 boston-area-wedding-photographer-022 boston-area-wedding-photographer-023 boston-area-wedding-photographer-024 boston-area-wedding-photographer-025 boston-area-wedding-photographer-026 boston-area-wedding-photographer-027 boston-area-wedding-photographer-028 boston-area-wedding-photographer-029 boston-area-wedding-photographer-030 boston-area-wedding-photographer-031 boston-area-wedding-photographer-032 boston-area-wedding-photographer-033 boston-area-wedding-photographer-034 boston-area-wedding-photographer-035 boston-area-wedding-photographer-036 boston-area-wedding-photographer-037 boston-area-wedding-photographer-038 boston-area-wedding-photographer-039 boston-area-wedding-photographer-040 boston-area-wedding-photographer-041 boston-area-wedding-photographer-042 boston-area-wedding-photographer-043 boston-area-wedding-photographer-044 boston-area-wedding-photographer-045 boston-area-wedding-photographer-046 boston-area-wedding-photographer-047 boston-area-wedding-photographer-048 boston-area-wedding-photographer-049 boston-area-wedding-photographer-050 boston-area-wedding-photographer-051 boston-area-wedding-photographer-052 boston-area-wedding-photographer-053 boston-area-wedding-photographer-054 boston-area-wedding-photographer-055 boston-area-wedding-photographer-056 boston-area-wedding-photographer-057 boston-area-wedding-photographer-058 boston-area-wedding-photographer-059 boston-area-wedding-photographer-060 boston-area-wedding-photographer-061 boston-area-wedding-photographer-062 boston-area-wedding-photographer-063 boston-area-wedding-photographer-064 boston-area-wedding-photographer-065 boston-area-wedding-photographer-066 boston-area-wedding-photographer-067 boston-area-wedding-photographer-068 boston-area-wedding-photographer-069 boston-area-wedding-photographer-070 boston-area-wedding-photographer-071 boston-area-wedding-photographer-072 boston-area-wedding-photographer-073 boston-area-wedding-photographer-074

All images captured with Contax 645, Pentax 67 and D800 on Fuji 400H, Tri-X 400, and Delta 3200.

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A love of sailing runs deep in both of their families. So when Anna & Rob became students at UW-Madison, joining the sailing team came naturally! As luck would have it Rob was assigned to sail with Anna; fast forward several years later after dating long-distance, and that nautical theme continued when Rob proposed to Anna at Atwater Beach in Milwaukee. Little did we know when we suggested taking wedding party portraits at that same beach, that it was an absolutely fitting place to visit on their wedding day. :)

As a couple, Anna and Rob are adventurous, charming, warm, and adorable!! Working with Janelle from Evenement Planning, they dreamed up a bright & happy wedding celebration in Milwaukee’s Historic Pritzlaff Building. With  joyful yellow blooms from Impressions by Esther in every direction and the amazing David Rothstein Band bringing energy to their dance floor, Anna & Rob’s celebration was overflowing with smiles and friends & family who couldn’t WAIT to hit the dance floor!!

Anna & Rob,  we enjoyed every minute of your wedding and cannot thank you enough for choosing us to capture your wedding day! We hope you had a wonderful honeymoon and are loving making your new place in NY a “home” as Mr & Mrs :)


Kelsy & Butch

pritzlaff-milwaukee-wedding-photographer-02 pritzlaff-milwaukee-wedding-photographer-03 pritzlaff-milwaukee-wedding-photographer-04 pritzlaff-milwaukee-wedding-photographer-05 pritzlaff-milwaukee-wedding-photographer-06 pritzlaff-milwaukee-wedding-photographer-07 pritzlaff-milwaukee-wedding-photographer-08 pritzlaff-milwaukee-wedding-photographer-09 pritzlaff-milwaukee-wedding-photographer-10 pritzlaff-milwaukee-wedding-photographer-11 pritzlaff-milwaukee-wedding-photographer-12 pritzlaff-milwaukee-wedding-photographer-13 pritzlaff-milwaukee-wedding-photographer-14 pritzlaff-milwaukee-wedding-photographer-15 pritzlaff-milwaukee-wedding-photographer-16 pritzlaff-milwaukee-wedding-photographer-17 pritzlaff-milwaukee-wedding-photographer-18 pritzlaff-milwaukee-wedding-photographer-19 pritzlaff-milwaukee-wedding-photographer-20 pritzlaff-milwaukee-wedding-photographer-21 pritzlaff-milwaukee-wedding-photographer-22 pritzlaff-milwaukee-wedding-photographer-23 pritzlaff-milwaukee-wedding-photographer-24 pritzlaff-milwaukee-wedding-photographer-25 pritzlaff-milwaukee-wedding-photographer-26 pritzlaff-milwaukee-wedding-photographer-27 pritzlaff-milwaukee-wedding-photographer-28 pritzlaff-milwaukee-wedding-photographer-29 pritzlaff-milwaukee-wedding-photographer-30 pritzlaff-milwaukee-wedding-photographer-31 pritzlaff-milwaukee-wedding-photographer-32 pritzlaff-milwaukee-wedding-photographer-33 pritzlaff-milwaukee-wedding-photographer-34 pritzlaff-milwaukee-wedding-photographer-35 pritzlaff-milwaukee-wedding-photographer-36 pritzlaff-milwaukee-wedding-photographer-37 pritzlaff-milwaukee-wedding-photographer-38 pritzlaff-milwaukee-wedding-photographer-39 pritzlaff-milwaukee-wedding-photographer-40 pritzlaff-milwaukee-wedding-photographer-41 pritzlaff-milwaukee-wedding-photographer-42 pritzlaff-milwaukee-wedding-photographer-43 pritzlaff-milwaukee-wedding-photographer-44 pritzlaff-milwaukee-wedding-photographer-45 pritzlaff-milwaukee-wedding-photographer-46 pritzlaff-milwaukee-wedding-photographer-47 pritzlaff-milwaukee-wedding-photographer-48 pritzlaff-milwaukee-wedding-photographer-49 pritzlaff-milwaukee-wedding-photographer-50 pritzlaff-milwaukee-wedding-photographer-51 pritzlaff-milwaukee-wedding-photographer-52 pritzlaff-milwaukee-wedding-photographer-53 pritzlaff-milwaukee-wedding-photographer-54 pritzlaff-milwaukee-wedding-photographer-55 pritzlaff-milwaukee-wedding-photographer-56 pritzlaff-milwaukee-wedding-photographer-57 pritzlaff-milwaukee-wedding-photographer-58 pritzlaff-milwaukee-wedding-photographer-59 pritzlaff-milwaukee-wedding-photographer-60 pritzlaff-milwaukee-wedding-photographer-61 pritzlaff-milwaukee-wedding-photographer-62

All images captured with Contax 645, Pentax 67, Hasselblad 500cm, Holga 120N and Nikon F100 on Portra 400, Tri-X 400, and Delta 3200.

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Fun, romantic, rustic, and filled with DIY elements! Melissa & Brandon planned a wedding that not only fit their style, but also shared so much of who they are with every guest who brought joy to their wedding day. A sweets table, the most creatively flavored cupcakes we’ve ever heard of (cardamom vanilla with honey buttercream – yum!!), and adorably named signature drinks were there to make sure that their guests were well taken care of and enjoying their celebration. Melissa & Brandon’s passion for music also played a huge roll in personalizing their wedding from beginning to end with friends performing their ceremony music, a live swing band drawing their guests onto the dance floor, a rendition of the classic German Oktoberfest song “Ein Prosit”, and a surprise performance by Brandon & his gentlemen for his beautiful bride!! You might remember the beer they worked into their engagement session last fall, so it was only fitting that they incorporate this element into their wedding day as well :)

After a cozy ceremony inside the Rothschild Pavilion, we were blessed with a gorgeous afternoon and enjoyed photographing Melissa & Brandon surrounded by the ones they love. As a couple they are thoughtful & genuine, and being around them made us feel both completely at ease and ready for FUN! We consider ourselves very lucky to have been chosen to document their wedding day! Melissa & Brandon just returned home from a two-week honeymoon in Italy (jealous!) and we are bursting with excitement for them to relive all of the wedding day moments that we captured on film!

Love, Kelsy & Butch

rothschild-pavilion-wedding-wausau-002 rothschild-pavilion-wedding-wausau-003 rothschild-pavilion-wedding-wausau-004 rothschild-pavilion-wedding-wausau-005 rothschild-pavilion-wedding-wausau-006 rothschild-pavilion-wedding-wausau-007 rothschild-pavilion-wedding-wausau-008 rothschild-pavilion-wedding-wausau-009 rothschild-pavilion-wedding-wausau-010 rothschild-pavilion-wedding-wausau-011 rothschild-pavilion-wedding-wausau-012 rothschild-pavilion-wedding-wausau-013 rothschild-pavilion-wedding-wausau-014 rothschild-pavilion-wedding-wausau-015 rothschild-pavilion-wedding-wausau-016 rothschild-pavilion-wedding-wausau-017 rothschild-pavilion-wedding-wausau-018 rothschild-pavilion-wedding-wausau-019 rothschild-pavilion-wedding-wausau-020 rothschild-pavilion-wedding-wausau-021 rothschild-pavilion-wedding-wausau-022 rothschild-pavilion-wedding-wausau-023 rothschild-pavilion-wedding-wausau-024 rothschild-pavilion-wedding-wausau-025 rothschild-pavilion-wedding-wausau-026 rothschild-pavilion-wedding-wausau-027 rothschild-pavilion-wedding-wausau-028 rothschild-pavilion-wedding-wausau-029 rothschild-pavilion-wedding-wausau-030 rothschild-pavilion-wedding-wausau-031 rothschild-pavilion-wedding-wausau-032 rothschild-pavilion-wedding-wausau-033 rothschild-pavilion-wedding-wausau-034 rothschild-pavilion-wedding-wausau-035 rothschild-pavilion-wedding-wausau-036 rothschild-pavilion-wedding-wausau-037 rothschild-pavilion-wedding-wausau-038 rothschild-pavilion-wedding-wausau-039 rothschild-pavilion-wedding-wausau-040 rothschild-pavilion-wedding-wausau-041 rothschild-pavilion-wedding-wausau-042 rothschild-pavilion-wedding-wausau-043 rothschild-pavilion-wedding-wausau-044 rothschild-pavilion-wedding-wausau-045 rothschild-pavilion-wedding-wausau-046 rothschild-pavilion-wedding-wausau-047 rothschild-pavilion-wedding-wausau-048 rothschild-pavilion-wedding-wausau-049

All images captured with Contax 645 and Pentax 67 on Portra 400, Tri-X 400, and Delta 3200.

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Elizabeth & Chad planned the wedding of a lifetime. With a rustic vintage theme, they thoughtfully planned every element of their DIY wedding. From countless window panes and doors to their family’s barn boards and milk bottles from the bride’s Dad’s personal collection, it’s clear that their wedding was a labor of love that came together seamlessly! They chose the Rothschild Pavilion as their canvas and splashed it with hues of orange & green, endless amazing appetizers from the Back When Cafe, and plenty of wine & cheese for their guests to enjoy all night long! Not to mention, gorgeous florals by Design Lab.

Being a part of this day was such a privilege and an absolute BLAST! Elizabeth & Chad have such a fun relationship and we immediately felt like we were photographing friends. Surrounded by nearly 300 of their friends & family, they were completely beaming all day long!!

Thank you so much for inviting us into your celebration, Elizabeth & Chad! We know the two of you have a lifetime of laughter, love, and fun ahead of you.

Love, Kelsy & Butch

rothschild-pavilion-wedding-002 rothschild-pavilion-wedding-003 rothschild-pavilion-wedding-004 rothschild-pavilion-wedding-005 rothschild-pavilion-wedding-007 rothschild-pavilion-wedding-008 rothschild-pavilion-wedding-009 rothschild-pavilion-wedding-010 rothschild-pavilion-wedding-011 rothschild-pavilion-wedding-012 rothschild-pavilion-wedding-013 rothschild-pavilion-wedding-014 rothschild-pavilion-wedding-015 rothschild-pavilion-wedding-016 rothschild-pavilion-wedding-017 rothschild-pavilion-wedding-018 rothschild-pavilion-wedding-019 rothschild-pavilion-wedding-020 rothschild-pavilion-wedding-021 rothschild-pavilion-wedding-022 rothschild-pavilion-wedding-023 rothschild-pavilion-wedding-024 rothschild-pavilion-wedding-025 rothschild-pavilion-wedding-026 rothschild-pavilion-wedding-027 rothschild-pavilion-wedding-028 rothschild-pavilion-wedding-029 rothschild-pavilion-wedding-030 rothschild-pavilion-wedding-031 rothschild-pavilion-wedding-032 rothschild-pavilion-wedding-033 rothschild-pavilion-wedding-034 rothschild-pavilion-wedding-035 rothschild-pavilion-wedding-036 rothschild-pavilion-wedding-037 rothschild-pavilion-wedding-038 rothschild-pavilion-wedding-039 rothschild-pavilion-wedding-040 rothschild-pavilion-wedding-041 rothschild-pavilion-wedding-042 rothschild-pavilion-wedding-043 rothschild-pavilion-wedding-044 rothschild-pavilion-wedding-045 rothschild-pavilion-wedding-046 rothschild-pavilion-wedding-047 rothschild-pavilion-wedding-048 rothschild-pavilion-wedding-049 rothschild-pavilion-wedding-050 rothschild-pavilion-wedding-051 rothschild-pavilion-wedding-052 rothschild-pavilion-wedding-053 rothschild-pavilion-wedding-054 rothschild-pavilion-wedding-055 rothschild-pavilion-wedding-056 rothschild-pavilion-wedding-057 rothschild-pavilion-wedding-058 rothschild-pavilion-wedding-059 rothschild-pavilion-wedding-060 rothschild-pavilion-wedding-061

Film: Portra 400, Tri-X 400, Cinestill 800, and Delta 3200 / Cameras: Contax 645, Pentax 67, Nikon F100 and Nikkormat 35mm

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It was no surprise (though we were ridiculously excited!!) when Jackie & Brandon told us that they had reserved Camp Randall and carved an hour out of their wedding day for us to photograph them right on the field! Being that they are giant Badger fans, this really couldn’t have been more perfect. :) After a lovely ceremony filled with special moments with their adorable daughter, Mac, we enjoyed every minute of our time spent running around in the Stadium. Brandon had just gifted all of his groomsmen Air Jordans, and that too felt like a perfect match for Camp Randall ;) Meanwhile, the ladies were an absolute blast and their teal dresses were a stunning backdrop for some seriously gorgeous bouquets made by Daffodil Parker!

As a couple, Jackie & Brandon are FUN and they love to laugh. When it was time for the new Mr & Mrs to make a grand entrance into their reception at Union South, every one of their guests lit up as they came in dancing with their hands in the air!! That energy held all night long  and their dance floor was packed from the first song all the way until (we imagine) the end of the night!

Being a part of Jackie & Brandon’s wedding holds a special place in our hearts because not only are they friends, but Jackie & I (Kelsy) spent years living together as roommates during college. SO happy for these two!!! Hooray for an awesome new family! :)

Love, Kelsy & Butch

madison-wisconsin-wedding-photographers-002 madison-wisconsin-wedding-photographers-003 madison-wisconsin-wedding-photographers-004 madison-wisconsin-wedding-photographers-005 madison-wisconsin-wedding-photographers-006 madison-wisconsin-wedding-photographers-007 madison-wisconsin-wedding-photographers-008 madison-wisconsin-wedding-photographers-009 madison-wisconsin-wedding-photographers-010 madison-wisconsin-wedding-photographers-011 madison-wisconsin-wedding-photographers-012 madison-wisconsin-wedding-photographers-013 madison-wisconsin-wedding-photographers-014 madison-wisconsin-wedding-photographers-015 madison-wisconsin-wedding-photographers-016 madison-wisconsin-wedding-photographers-017 madison-wisconsin-wedding-photographers-018 madison-wisconsin-wedding-photographers-019 madison-wisconsin-wedding-photographers-020 madison-wisconsin-wedding-photographers-021 madison-wisconsin-wedding-photographers-022 madison-wisconsin-wedding-photographers-023 madison-wisconsin-wedding-photographers-024 madison-wisconsin-wedding-photographers-025 madison-wisconsin-wedding-photographers-026 madison-wisconsin-wedding-photographers-027 madison-wisconsin-wedding-photographers-028 madison-wisconsin-wedding-photographers-029 madison-wisconsin-wedding-photographers-030 madison-wisconsin-wedding-photographers-031 madison-wisconsin-wedding-photographers-032 madison-wisconsin-wedding-photographers-033 madison-wisconsin-wedding-photographers-034 madison-wisconsin-wedding-photographers-035 madison-wisconsin-wedding-photographers-036 madison-wisconsin-wedding-photographers-037 madison-wisconsin-wedding-photographers-038 madison-wisconsin-wedding-photographers-039 madison-wisconsin-wedding-photographers-040 madison-wisconsin-wedding-photographers-041

Film: Portra 400, Tri-X 400 and Delta 3200 / Cameras: Contax 645, Pentax 67 and Nikkormat 35mm

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