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Christriana & Patrick happened to be the last wedding we were to photograph in 2014. Wow, did they blow us away! We actually said to each other that we were really going to miss the two of them as we were leaving on their wedding night. Maybe it was because we were able to be there as they celebrated with their closest family & friends from their rehearsal dinner until the crazy leave-it-all on the dance floor finale to their BEAUTIFUL Michigan wedding weekend!

After saying goodnight at their rehearsal dinner, the next morning we arrived at the gorgeous home they rented right on Lake Michigan. Words simply don’t do justice to describe the truly majestic views. Water met the shores just steps from where Christiana & Patrick slipped into their wedding attire – you just need to see it to believe it!!

Have we mentioned Christiana’s wedding dress yet!? How are we into paragraph three of this post and we haven’t talked about her AMAZING SPARKLY DRESS?! She looked absolutely fabulous and, after she snuck up behind Patrick for their first look, we could have taken their photographs ALL day long!! We felt so lucky to be able to walk through the tall grass on the bluffs of Lake Michigan with these two – they love each other so much and seeing that through our cameras is exactly why we do what we do! For them :) So they can look back in a month, 5 years, 25 years and see exactly how happy they were in this beautiful moment on their wedding day!

So we probably took a little bit too much time photographing them on the bluffs with their wedding party, but we were all having a blast and we have yet to see a wedding start without the bride & groom, so we figured we’d be okay. ;) We were in for one more barn-sized treat when we arrived to Christiana & Patrick’s ceremony & reception site, the Blue Dress Barn in Benton Harbor, Michigan. SO COOL! We absolutely love all things water & barn related, so we were starting to feel like Christiana & Patrick planned their perfect day for us :) Probably not, but we can dream!

They tied the knot with tears, laughs, and the first wedding party selfie during the recessional we’ve ever seen. These two radiate FUN and it was so contagious on this day. The band kicked in right after the ceremony and not a soul was shy about the dance floor. Heartfelt toasts, touching first dances, and the most romantic glowing light warming Chrisiana & Patricks family & friends faces all night long. Their wedding weekend was surely a blur, as it was for us, and we CANNOT wait to share these images with them! It was a magical ending to our 2014 wedding season, and we wish we could do it with the two of them all over again.

Christiana & Patrick. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! You are gracious, loving, FUN, and we miss you both! We know you’re loving life as Mr. and Mrs. Garrity already!

Kelsy & Butch

blue-dress-barn-michigan-wedding-002 blue-dress-barn-michigan-wedding-003 blue-dress-barn-michigan-wedding-004 blue-dress-barn-michigan-wedding-005 blue-dress-barn-michigan-wedding-006 blue-dress-barn-michigan-wedding-007 blue-dress-barn-michigan-wedding-008 blue-dress-barn-michigan-wedding-009 blue-dress-barn-michigan-wedding-010 blue-dress-barn-michigan-wedding-011 blue-dress-barn-michigan-wedding-012 blue-dress-barn-michigan-wedding-013 blue-dress-barn-michigan-wedding-014 blue-dress-barn-michigan-wedding-015 blue-dress-barn-michigan-wedding-016 blue-dress-barn-michigan-wedding-017 blue-dress-barn-michigan-wedding-018 blue-dress-barn-michigan-wedding-019 blue-dress-barn-michigan-wedding-020 blue-dress-barn-michigan-wedding-021 blue-dress-barn-michigan-wedding-022 blue-dress-barn-michigan-wedding-023 blue-dress-barn-michigan-wedding-024 blue-dress-barn-michigan-wedding-025 blue-dress-barn-michigan-wedding-026 blue-dress-barn-michigan-wedding-027 blue-dress-barn-michigan-wedding-028 blue-dress-barn-michigan-wedding-029 blue-dress-barn-michigan-wedding-030 blue-dress-barn-michigan-wedding-031 blue-dress-barn-michigan-wedding-032 blue-dress-barn-michigan-wedding-033 blue-dress-barn-michigan-wedding-034 blue-dress-barn-michigan-wedding-035 blue-dress-barn-michigan-wedding-036 blue-dress-barn-michigan-wedding-037 blue-dress-barn-michigan-wedding-038 blue-dress-barn-michigan-wedding-039 blue-dress-barn-michigan-wedding-040 blue-dress-barn-michigan-wedding-041 blue-dress-barn-michigan-wedding-042 blue-dress-barn-michigan-wedding-043 blue-dress-barn-michigan-wedding-044 blue-dress-barn-michigan-wedding-045 blue-dress-barn-michigan-wedding-046 blue-dress-barn-michigan-wedding-047 blue-dress-barn-michigan-wedding-048 blue-dress-barn-michigan-wedding-049 blue-dress-barn-michigan-wedding-050 blue-dress-barn-michigan-wedding-051 blue-dress-barn-michigan-wedding-052 blue-dress-barn-michigan-wedding-053 blue-dress-barn-michigan-wedding-054 blue-dress-barn-michigan-wedding-055 blue-dress-barn-michigan-wedding-056 blue-dress-barn-michigan-wedding-057 blue-dress-barn-michigan-wedding-058 blue-dress-barn-michigan-wedding-059 blue-dress-barn-michigan-wedding-060 blue-dress-barn-michigan-wedding-061 blue-dress-barn-michigan-wedding-062 blue-dress-barn-michigan-wedding-063 blue-dress-barn-michigan-wedding-064 blue-dress-barn-michigan-wedding-065 blue-dress-barn-michigan-wedding-066 blue-dress-barn-michigan-wedding-067 blue-dress-barn-michigan-wedding-068 blue-dress-barn-michigan-wedding-069 blue-dress-barn-michigan-wedding-070 blue-dress-barn-michigan-wedding-071 blue-dress-barn-michigan-wedding-072 blue-dress-barn-michigan-wedding-073 blue-dress-barn-michigan-wedding-074 blue-dress-barn-michigan-wedding-075 blue-dress-barn-michigan-wedding-076 blue-dress-barn-michigan-wedding-077 blue-dress-barn-michigan-wedding-078 blue-dress-barn-michigan-wedding-079 blue-dress-barn-michigan-wedding-080 blue-dress-barn-michigan-wedding-081 blue-dress-barn-michigan-wedding-082 blue-dress-barn-michigan-wedding-083 blue-dress-barn-michigan-wedding-084 blue-dress-barn-michigan-wedding-085 blue-dress-barn-michigan-wedding-086 blue-dress-barn-michigan-wedding-087 blue-dress-barn-michigan-wedding-088 blue-dress-barn-michigan-wedding-089 blue-dress-barn-michigan-wedding-090 blue-dress-barn-michigan-wedding-091 blue-dress-barn-michigan-wedding-092 blue-dress-barn-michigan-wedding-093 blue-dress-barn-michigan-wedding-094 blue-dress-barn-michigan-wedding-095 blue-dress-barn-michigan-wedding-096 blue-dress-barn-michigan-wedding-097 blue-dress-barn-michigan-wedding-098 blue-dress-barn-michigan-wedding-099 blue-dress-barn-michigan-wedding-100 blue-dress-barn-michigan-wedding-101 blue-dress-barn-michigan-wedding-102 blue-dress-barn-michigan-wedding-103 blue-dress-barn-michigan-wedding-104 blue-dress-barn-michigan-wedding-105

All images captured with Contax 645, Pentax 67, Hasselblad 500cm and Rolleiflex 3.5c on Fuji 400H, TriX 400 and Delta 3200.

Ceremony & Reception: Blue Dress Barn | Flowers: Teresa Guerriero | Hair Stylist: Ann-Marie Bautista | Makeup Artist: Kiley Cleckner | Band: Second Hand Soul | Catering: White Horse Catering | Paper Products: Rob Brennan, Best Man | Bridal Gown: by Adrianna Papell | Bride’s Shoes: Adrianna Papell | Groom’s Attire: Elevee | Table Setting, Linens: Taylor Rental


Christiana & Patrick decided to skip an engagement session and instead have their rehearsal dinner documented. Can we just say how much we LOVED this?? All of their closest friends and family joined them at Bistro on the Boulevard to kick off their wedding weekend in Benton Harbor, Michigan, and there was so much energy and excitement buzzing around!! Hugs and laughter in every direction we turned, delicious bites and cheerses, all in honor of a truly amazing couple. After a few spontaneous portraits and lots of mingling time, Christiana & Pat welcomed everyone to town with an amazing dinner (& dessert!) and shared their words of appreciation to everyone for making the trip to Michigan to help them celebrate. Feelings and emotions are worn right on their sleeves, and that’s just part of what makes Christiana & Pat the kind of people you want to stick in your pocket and never let go!

We CANNOT WAIT to share Christiana & Pat’s barn wedding with you tomorrow afternoon! Be sure to stop back because, trust us, you will not want to miss their celebration. :)

Love, Kelsy & Butch

wedding-rehearsal-dinner-photography-002 wedding-rehearsal-dinner-photography-003 wedding-rehearsal-dinner-photography-004 wedding-rehearsal-dinner-photography-005 wedding-rehearsal-dinner-photography-006 wedding-rehearsal-dinner-photography-007 wedding-rehearsal-dinner-photography-008 wedding-rehearsal-dinner-photography-009 wedding-rehearsal-dinner-photography-010 wedding-rehearsal-dinner-photography-011 wedding-rehearsal-dinner-photography-012 wedding-rehearsal-dinner-photography-013 wedding-rehearsal-dinner-photography-014 wedding-rehearsal-dinner-photography-015 wedding-rehearsal-dinner-photography-016 wedding-rehearsal-dinner-photography-017 wedding-rehearsal-dinner-photography-018 wedding-rehearsal-dinner-photography-019 wedding-rehearsal-dinner-photography-020 wedding-rehearsal-dinner-photography-021 wedding-rehearsal-dinner-photography-022

All images captured with Contax 645, Hasselblad 500cm and D800 on Fuji Pro 400H and Ilford 3200.



With a soft color palette and modern lines in mind, Elise & Tyler designed the wedding of their dreams with lots of help from Elise’s Mom, Jean, and an amazing team of creatives! The Milwaukee Art Museum absolutely blew us away with its grand beauty and refreshing walls of white. But more importantly, we were two very lucky photographers as we captured this fun and at ease couple’s wedding day. Elise and Tyler are not only a gorgeous bride and groom, but an amazing couple to be surrounded by. The happiness they emitted was never-ending from the moment we arrived to our hugs goodbye and you could see in their eyes that they were so grateful for all of the friends and family who traveled to celebrate with them on their wedding day!

Our day with Elise & Tyler began with the ladies getting final makeup & hair touches and Elise slipping into her beautiful wedding gown (and stunning Manolo’s!) in their own getting ready suite at the museum. We were even able to tag along as Elise’s maid of honor delivered a special wedding day gift to her groom. From the look on Tyler’s face, our guess is that he liked it. :)

The first look took place in a galleria completely overflowing with gorgeous light and white walls & floors everywhere you looked! Our hearts may have skipped a beat when Elise opened Tyler’s gift to her – a brand new collar so they can pick out their first puppy and start growing their newly formed family of two! From that moment on, their smiles were painted on and we had a BLAST with their very charismatic wedding party! Inside the museum & out, Elise & Tyler and their stylish wedding party looked amazing and we were thankful to have lots of portrait time with them!

The entire wedding day was set in the Milwaukee Art Museum, but the transformation that took place from the moment the ceremony ended until their reception tables were glowing with candlelight was incredible!! Guests were whisked into another galleria for cocktail hour and an amazing guitarist serenaded everyone as they enjoyed Wisconsin treats and beverages. From a gorgeous ceremony white washed in radiant light and gorgeous florals to a reception celebration with linens, colorful up-lighting, centerpieces and never-ending thoughtful details that filled their reception, all of the friends and family of Elise & Tyler were in for a real treat!

We’ve been bursting at the seams to share Elise & Tyler’s wedding photographs with the world! With think they are such wonderful people, and were an absolute JOY to photograph! Thank you two so much for trusting us to document your wedding day!

Love, Kelsy & Butch

milwaukee-art-museum-wedding-002 milwaukee-art-museum-wedding-003 milwaukee-art-museum-wedding-004 milwaukee-art-museum-wedding-005 milwaukee-art-museum-wedding-006 milwaukee-art-museum-wedding-007 milwaukee-art-museum-wedding-008 milwaukee-art-museum-wedding-009 milwaukee-art-museum-wedding-010 milwaukee-art-museum-wedding-011 milwaukee-art-museum-wedding-012 milwaukee-art-museum-wedding-013 milwaukee-art-museum-wedding-014 milwaukee-art-museum-wedding-015 milwaukee-art-museum-wedding-016 milwaukee-art-museum-wedding-017 milwaukee-art-museum-wedding-018 milwaukee-art-museum-wedding-019 milwaukee-art-museum-wedding-020 milwaukee-art-museum-wedding-021 milwaukee-art-museum-wedding-022 milwaukee-art-museum-wedding-023 milwaukee-art-museum-wedding-024 milwaukee-art-museum-wedding-025 milwaukee-art-museum-wedding-026 milwaukee-art-museum-wedding-027 milwaukee-art-museum-wedding-028 milwaukee-art-museum-wedding-029 milwaukee-art-museum-wedding-030 milwaukee-art-museum-wedding-031 milwaukee-art-museum-wedding-032 milwaukee-art-museum-wedding-033 milwaukee-art-museum-wedding-034 milwaukee-art-museum-wedding-035 milwaukee-art-museum-wedding-036 milwaukee-art-museum-wedding-037 milwaukee-art-museum-wedding-038 milwaukee-art-museum-wedding-039 milwaukee-art-museum-wedding-040 milwaukee-art-museum-wedding-041 milwaukee-art-museum-wedding-042 milwaukee-art-museum-wedding-043 milwaukee-art-museum-wedding-044 milwaukee-art-museum-wedding-045 milwaukee-art-museum-wedding-046 milwaukee-art-museum-wedding-047 milwaukee-art-museum-wedding-048 milwaukee-art-museum-wedding-049 milwaukee-art-museum-wedding-050 milwaukee-art-museum-wedding-051 milwaukee-art-museum-wedding-052 milwaukee-art-museum-wedding-053 milwaukee-art-museum-wedding-054 milwaukee-art-museum-wedding-055 milwaukee-art-museum-wedding-056 milwaukee-art-museum-wedding-057 milwaukee-art-museum-wedding-058 milwaukee-art-museum-wedding-059 milwaukee-art-museum-wedding-060 milwaukee-art-museum-wedding-061 milwaukee-art-museum-wedding-062 milwaukee-art-museum-wedding-063 milwaukee-art-museum-wedding-064 milwaukee-art-museum-wedding-065 milwaukee-art-museum-wedding-066 milwaukee-art-museum-wedding-067 milwaukee-art-museum-wedding-068 milwaukee-art-museum-wedding-069 milwaukee-art-museum-wedding-070 milwaukee-art-museum-wedding-071 milwaukee-art-museum-wedding-072 milwaukee-art-museum-wedding-073 milwaukee-art-museum-wedding-074 milwaukee-art-museum-wedding-075 milwaukee-art-museum-wedding-076 milwaukee-art-museum-wedding-077 milwaukee-art-museum-wedding-078 milwaukee-art-museum-wedding-079 milwaukee-art-museum-wedding-080 milwaukee-art-museum-wedding-081 milwaukee-art-museum-wedding-082 milwaukee-art-museum-wedding-083 milwaukee-art-museum-wedding-084

All images captured with Contax 645, Pentax 67, Hasselblad 500cm and Nikkormat 35mm on Fuji 400H, TriX 400 and Delta 3200.

Ceremony & Reception: Milwaukee Art Museum | Wedding Coordinator: Jean Simbro, Mother of the Bride | Flowers: Michael Huebner | Hair Stylist: Rob Schneider | Makeup Artist: Diane Yokes | Cake Artist: The Cake Lady | DJ & Uplighting: Sound by Design | Catering: Cafe Caltrava | Paper Products: Broadway Paper (Kate) and Coqui Design (Elizabeth) | Bridal Gown: by Anna Maier~Ulla-Maija from Saks Fifth Avenue | Bride’s Shoes: Manolo Blahnik | Bridesmaid Dresses: by Adrianna Papell from Bella Bridesmaid | Groom’s Attire: J.Crew | Officiant: Judge Jeff Kremers | Guitarist: Joe Wray


Perfect October sunshine, charming downtown Wausau, a classic car, stunning fall blooms and, most importantly, a couple so sincere and in love that everyone felt it.

We arrived to Marie’s parents house where she was surrounded by all of her best girlfriends; the light was pouring into the living room where she was helped into a gown that was custom made just for her with the same gorgeous heirloom satin that was used both in her Grandmother’s and Mother’s wedding dresses years prior. After arriving to Church of the Resurrection by way of her neighbor’s classic car, Marie greeted her handsome groom for the first time. Joe was beside the church, full of emotion and excitement for the day ahead. The moment Marie & Joe found their way into each other’s arms, they couldn’t help but smile from ear to ear!! :)

After a beautiful ceremony in one of the most beautiful churches we have ever seen, Marie & Joe and their lovely wedding party took a stroll through town over to the Historic Yawkey House where we had so much fun photographing them! The light was absolutely glowing and they were, without a doubt, the happiest group of people in Wausau. At the end of portrait time their handsome German Shepherd, Thor, joined us and brought SO much energy and happiness!! Not to mention he was such a good boy as he loved on Marie & Joe! (we obviously have a HUGE soft spot for dogs, especially on a wedding day!)

Marie & Joe walked hand-in-hand across town as Mr and Mrs to their Grand Theater wedding reception where they were greeted by non-stop hugs, laughter, and all of their guests enjoying cocktail hour upstairs in the loft. After thoughtful toasts that brought tears to nearly every single guest in the beautifully decorated Great Hall, we were able to steal them for a few evening portraits under the glowing marquee that wished Marie & Joe a giant “congratulations”! :)

Thinking about this day makes us so happy! Marie & Joe, thank you for inviting us into your lives and into your beautiful wedding celebration. We couldn’t imagine spending a wedding day with a more warm and thoughtful couple, and we’re so excited to see all of the joy that you bring to the lives of others by simply being yourselves together!!

Love, Kelsy & Butch

grand-theater-wausau-wedding-002 grand-theater-wausau-wedding-003 grand-theater-wausau-wedding-004 grand-theater-wausau-wedding-005 grand-theater-wausau-wedding-006 grand-theater-wausau-wedding-007 grand-theater-wausau-wedding-008 grand-theater-wausau-wedding-009 grand-theater-wausau-wedding-010 grand-theater-wausau-wedding-011 grand-theater-wausau-wedding-012 grand-theater-wausau-wedding-013 grand-theater-wausau-wedding-014 grand-theater-wausau-wedding-015 grand-theater-wausau-wedding-016 grand-theater-wausau-wedding-017 grand-theater-wausau-wedding-018 grand-theater-wausau-wedding-019 grand-theater-wausau-wedding-020 grand-theater-wausau-wedding-021 grand-theater-wausau-wedding-022 grand-theater-wausau-wedding-023 grand-theater-wausau-wedding-024 grand-theater-wausau-wedding-025 grand-theater-wausau-wedding-026 grand-theater-wausau-wedding-027 grand-theater-wausau-wedding-028 grand-theater-wausau-wedding-029 grand-theater-wausau-wedding-030 grand-theater-wausau-wedding-031 grand-theater-wausau-wedding-032 grand-theater-wausau-wedding-033 grand-theater-wausau-wedding-034 grand-theater-wausau-wedding-035 grand-theater-wausau-wedding-036 grand-theater-wausau-wedding-037 grand-theater-wausau-wedding-038 grand-theater-wausau-wedding-039 grand-theater-wausau-wedding-040 grand-theater-wausau-wedding-041 grand-theater-wausau-wedding-042 grand-theater-wausau-wedding-043 grand-theater-wausau-wedding-044 grand-theater-wausau-wedding-045 grand-theater-wausau-wedding-046 grand-theater-wausau-wedding-047 grand-theater-wausau-wedding-048 grand-theater-wausau-wedding-049 grand-theater-wausau-wedding-050 grand-theater-wausau-wedding-051 grand-theater-wausau-wedding-052 grand-theater-wausau-wedding-053 grand-theater-wausau-wedding-054 grand-theater-wausau-wedding-055 grand-theater-wausau-wedding-056 grand-theater-wausau-wedding-057 grand-theater-wausau-wedding-058 grand-theater-wausau-wedding-059 grand-theater-wausau-wedding-060

All images captured with Contax 645, Pentax 67 and Hasselblad 500cm on Fuji 400H, TriX 400 and Delta 3200.

Ceremony: Church of the Resurrection | Reception: Grand Theater’s Great Hall on ARTSblock | Flowers: Fawn from Inspired by Nature | Hair & Makeup: Studio E | Cake Artist: Sweet Nothings | DJ: PM Enterprises | Catering: The Mint | Invitations: Designed by Marie & Joe, printed from Mpixpro | Bridal Gown: Custom made, using satin from Bride’s Mom and Grandma’s dresses | Bride’s Shoes: Anne Klein | Favor: Homemade Salsa


We had the chance to spend a sunny afternoon with Samantha and Robb in beautiful Door County WI and loved the oodles of time and vibrant fall colors we were able to play with while creating portraits together. Wedding days can fly by so quickly and it was amazing to slow down with the two of them all done up in their wedding attire! From the shores of Lake Michigan in Jacksonport to About Thyme Farm’s stunning barn in Bailey’s Harbor, we had a blast with Samantha & Robb and hope they cherish these images for years to come!

Love, Kelsy & Butch

wedding-photography-door-county-wi-002 wedding-photography-door-county-wi-003 wedding-photography-door-county-wi-004 wedding-photography-door-county-wi-005 wedding-photography-door-county-wi-006 wedding-photography-door-county-wi-007 wedding-photography-door-county-wi-008 wedding-photography-door-county-wi-009 wedding-photography-door-county-wi-010 wedding-photography-door-county-wi-011 wedding-photography-door-county-wi-012 wedding-photography-door-county-wi-013 wedding-photography-door-county-wi-014 wedding-photography-door-county-wi-015 wedding-photography-door-county-wi-016 wedding-photography-door-county-wi-017

All images captured with Contax 645, Pentax 67 and RZ67 on Fuji Pro 400H.

Florist: Helene from Flora Flowers | Hair & Makeup: Kari Pudlo