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Happy HALLOWEEN!!!! We thought today was the perfect day to share images from one of our favorite parts of the fall season – pumpkin hunting!! :) Parker makes everything more fun and this year he was an especially good boy as, together, we would set our eyes on the biggest pumpkins in the whole patch. Luckily, Butch is very capable of hauling our picks all the way to the wagon and then onto our front steps. There’s a funny thing about pumpkin hunting; you don’t quite realize just how HUGE the pumpkins you’re selecting are until you get them home and they consume your front porch steps! Hope the trick-or-treaters don’t mind, and we hope you all have a fun and safe Halloween!!

Love, Kelsy & Butch

pumpkin-patch-wausau-wi-002 pumpkin-patch-wausau-wi-003 pumpkin-patch-wausau-wi-004 pumpkin-patch-wausau-wi-005 pumpkin-patch-wausau-wi-006 pumpkin-patch-wausau-wi-007 pumpkin-patch-wausau-wi-008 pumpkin-patch-wausau-wi-009 pumpkin-patch-wausau-wi-010 pumpkin-patch-wausau-wi-011 pumpkin-patch-wausau-wi-012 pumpkin-patch-wausau-wi-013

All images captured with Contax 645 and Hasselblad 500cm on Fuji Pro 400H.


It’s no secret that we McCartneys LOVE all things FALL! :) Give us crisp weather, vibrant leaves, extra long walks with our Parker pup, and a sunny afternoon for apple picking, and we’re happy!! This year, we visited Helene’s Hilltop Orchard just north of Wausau and nearly had the place to ourselves! It was a Tuesday afternoon so we figured most normal people were at work, and it couldn’t have worked out more perfectly! Parker was able to wiggle his way through endless rows and rows of apple trees without being on his leash and we had a blast filling up two giant bags with apples to share with our parents :) Cheers to our favorite time of the year and all of the gorgeous colors Mother Nature has to share with us! We hope this autumn is treating you splendidly as well :)

Love, Kelsy & Butch

apple-picking-wausau-wi-002 apple-picking-wausau-wi003 apple-picking-wausau-wi-004 apple-picking-wausau-wi005 apple-picking-wausau-wi006 apple-picking-wausau-wi007 apple-picking-wausau-wi008 apple-picking-wausau-wi-009 apple-picking-wausau-wi010 apple-picking-wausau-wi-011 apple-picking-wausau-wi012 apple-picking-wausau-wi013 apple-picking-wausau-wi-014

All images captured with Contax 645 on Fuji Pro 400H and 800Z.


We’re over-the-moon and almost in a state of disbelief about this one. We were recently invited to be a part of Style Me Pretty’s Little Black Book! For years we had our eye on their LBB and, about a month ago, an email popped into our inbox that literally made us jump out of our chairs! Head over to the Wisconsin wedding photographer section of the Little Black Book to view our profile and let us know what you think!





We are also proud new members of The Grey Collective: An assortment of Grey Likes Weddings‘ favorite wedding vendors from around the globe! Head this way to see our profile and explore the many talented vendors listed in WI and beyond. :)






Just a few weeks ago, Susan & Eric’s Minnesota engagement session was featured on Style Me Pretty! Obviously we are beaming about this feature as Susan is Kelsy’s aunt, and Kelsy was also one of her Matrons of Honor at their wedding earlier this summer! Come see their farmer’s market engagement!





Four little joyful popsicles walking around a farm together in western Wisconsin :) This just about sums up our time spent with Rachel & Gary last November for their engagement session. Except, their smiles and obvious love radiated enough to keep us all toasty! Style Me Pretty saw it too and featured their sweet session last month! If you missed it take a look here!





Stacey & Max’s backyard wedding was filled to the brim with personal details, gorgeous florals, and even canoes filled with homemade brews from the groomsmen! Rustic Wedding Chic featured their wedding last month and we are SO thrilled to see all of Stacey & Max (& their friends/family’s) hard work in the spotlight! Rustic-Wedding-Chic-Stacey-Max

Hello! Butch here. It’s no secret that my favorite subject to photograph happens to share a house with me… But since Parker wasn’t available for a spontaneous photo session, Kelsy quickly jumped at the opportunity (Buh! dum! dum!). Kidding! I got a new camera (since the Contax 645 seems to always be attached to Kelsy’s hands) and couldn’t wait to test it out. I definitely begged my lovely wife (and partner in photography everything), Kelsy, if she would model for me :) We added a Pentax 6×7 camera to the lineup and we couldn’t be more excited about it! We’ll be hitting the weight room a bit harder in the coming days to make sure we don’t wear out on a wedding day. This camera is a beast! We’ve only run a few rolls of film through it, but it’s quickly becoming my favorite! … Sorry Hasselblad!

1-kelsy-03050006-blog 2-kelsy-03050004-blog-pair 3-kelsy-03050001-blog 4-kelsy-03050009-blog-pair 5-kelsy-03050008-blog 6-kelsy-77030003-blog-pair 7-kelsy-77030007-blog 8-kelsy-03050005-blog


Earlier this year we had the chance to do a little exploring around Denver, Colorado, and we JUST realized that we hadn’t shared our adventure with you yet! This particular day was spent falling in love with a charming coffee shop/cafe, heading West to hike the Eldorado Canyon Trail at Eldorado Canyon State Park (with camera in hand of course), trying out a brewery downtown where Butch tasted his most tasty IPA of all time (big deal, folks!), and finally freshening up for a dinner at our favorite restaurant in Denver. SUCH a fun day – especially since it was a beautiful 60 degrees around Denver and Wisconsin was still buried in snow. ;) The mountains were absolutely beautiful and they left us wanting to come back for more!! Until next time, Colorado :)

Love | Kelsy & Butch

eldorado-canyon-state-park-002 eldorado-canyon-state-park-003 denver-colorado-photographers-004 denver-colorado-photographers-005 eldorado-canyon-state-park-006

Quite possibly my new favorite picture of all time of Butch!! :)

denver-colorado-photographers-007 denver-colorado-photographers-008 eldorado-canyon-state-park-co-009

All images captured on film with Contax 645 on Portra 400.