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There are about a million reasons why we love when our clients come to us and, when asked how they’d like to remember their wedding day, they say with an album. As we’ve mentioned before, we are incredibly passionate in our belief that every wedding deserves to live on in the pages of your custom-designed, handmade album! When the guests have all left, the decor has been cleared and that beautiful white tent taken down, it is such a great feeling to be able to hold your wedding album as the representation of your lovely wedding day! While you’re enjoying life as Mr & Mrs and your friends & family come over to visit, sharing your album with them brings such a feeling of joy!! Thinking about our couples doing just that makes us smile SO big!!! What an absolute blessing it is to be a part of each moment and to preserve it forever in a photograph. If we’ve been lucky enough to photograph your wedding and design your wedding album – Thank You!! We hope that you’re enjoying it and it makes you smile :)

Love, Kelsy & Butch

We’ve been busy sending out heirloom wedding albums to our wonderful 2013 couples over the last few weeks, but wanted to pause for just a moment to share a few images of Laurie & Mark’s album with you guys. :) They chose a gorgeous grey silk cover!

We loved the way their rainy wedding day provided us with such vibrantly glowing green trees surrounding the charming Munson Bridge Winery for their portraits! All around a wonderful day, and now a beautiful album for them to share with friends & family and look back at for years & years to come. Nothing makes us smile more! :D

Love | Kelsy & Butch

All images captured on film with Contax 645 on Fuji 400H. 

The wedding industry has changed – we’re in a digital world and the importance of a printed photograph is often overlooked. It’s a wonderful thing to be able to pull out your phone/iPad wherever you are and share your wedding photos with friends at lunch, or post a favorite image from your wedding on instagram and reach hundreds of friends in an instant. Can you picture our parents walking around with their 10 pound wedding album to show off how great of a time everyone had at their reception? Nope. Us either. These changes are exciting & fast, and they have completely redefined the way we interact & share.

But where’s the romance? We LOVE being able to physically hold our photos! What’s better than picking up your parents’ album and swooning over how young they were and just how beautiful their celebration was? And sitting next to them while asking “who are all those fun people you were smiling & laughing with?” Holding a print in your hands is an experience that almost puts you into the photo. It makes you feel, and that is so powerful! It’s a beautiful first-hand experience, as opposed to a battery-powered one.

The number of couples asking for just the digital files is growing with each wedding season. Having those digital files is great but if you can manage it, go for that wedding album! You invest so much time & careful thought into your wedding day. Pouring your heart into all of those details and then living through so many beautiful moments, only to remember it by a disc that sits in a drawer is a bit of a let down. Make that album a centerpiece in your home – one that represents you as a couple and all of the family you were surrounded by on one of the most exciting days of your life! Digital images simply cannot hold a candle to a 12×12 handmade album that, page by page, tells the story of YOUR wedding day.

In a time where everything is fast-paced, isn’t it nice to slow down with the ones you love? Flipping through your wedding album and reliving memories in print is a perfect way to do just that! The story that an album tells truly brings your wedding to life through emotion-filled images and artfully captured moments.

We were recently featured on I Love Farm Weddings talking more in depth about this very topic, check it out!

Kelsy & Butch

Last week we received four of the cutest little engagement books!! These playful 5×5 books are absolutely darling and such a fun way to share images from your session with friends & family! After all of the thought and planning you put into your engagement photos, why not showcase them in an heirloom quality book handmade just for you?

Love | K&B

Oh my goodness! Where do we even begin with the beauty of this brand new product? We are so excited to be able to provide our clients with such lovely ways to enjoy their images, and this is easily one of our favorites :) Each folio is designed to fold into a small book with an elegant ribbon closure, or to be displayed open on a shelf or bookcase like a frame. As with all of the products we offer, you are able to customize the folios with your choice of over 18 gorgeous Japanese fabrics and Swiss ribbon accents. Folios are a beautiful way to uniquely display images of you and your loved ones in your home!

Love | K&B