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How adorable are these three!! After photographing Lesley & Jason’s engagement and amazing backyard wedding, we were crossing our fingers that we might have the honor of meeting their sweet little man on one of their trips back to Wausau. As it turned out, they were home just a couple weeks ago and we adored capturing them as the loving parents that they are to their already-trendy little one, Auden. As we’ve jokingly mentioned to Lesley & Jason before, they are truly one of the most creative, stylish and fun couples we know, so it didn’t surprise us one bit when Auden was dressed in the cutest outfit on the planet!! He loved flying high in the sky in his Mom & Dad’s arms, and seeing his reflection in the mirror brought out so many cute little expressions! :)

Lesley & Jason, thank you guys so much for spending the afternoon with us! We’re so happy for you – you sure have a sweetheart on your hands and we cannot wait to see Auden grow!

Love, Kelsy & Butch

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All images captured with Contax 645 and Pentax 67 on Fuji Pro 400H.


We recently had the absolute pleasure of visiting Zainab & Mike in Appleton, where we simply couldn’t wait to meet their adorable little one, Gabe! In a room filled with windows and glowy light, Gabe let his parents love on him non-stop and was such a good little almost 8-week old for his very first photo shoot. :) He even gave us a few smiles in the form of the cutest grin imaginable! It’s so amazing seeing Zainab & Mike as “Mom and Dad” just over a year after their beautiful wedding in Milwaukee. They seem to have fallen into their new roles seamlessly, and it made us so happy to see them as a family of three!!

Love, Kelsy & Butch

newborn-photographers-wisconsin-0002 newborn-photographers-wisconsin-0003 newborn-photographers-wisconsin-0004 newborn-photographers-wisconsin-0005 newborn-photographers-wisconsin-0006 newborn-photographers-wisconsin-0007 newborn-photographers-wisconsin-0008 newborn-photographers-wisconsin-0009 newborn-photographers-wisconsin-0010 newborn-photographers-wisconsin-0011 newborn-photographers-wisconsin-0012 newborn-photographers-wisconsin-0013 newborn-photographers-wisconsin-0014 newborn-photographers-wisconsin-0015 newborn-photographers-wisconsin-0016 newborn-photographers-wisconsin-0017 newborn-photographers-wisconsin-0018 newborn-photographers-wisconsin-0019 All images captured with Contax 645, Pentax 67, Hasselblad 500cm and Nikon F100 on Fuji Pro 400H and Tri-X 400.


Whitney & Mike are approaching their second wedding anniversary (this November!), and what better way to plan an early celebration than with a road trip across the Midwest?? We were so thankful that Whitney & Mike planned to include a visit to Wausau in their travels so that we could spend a gorgeous evening getting to know each other and capturing their love!

Just a few months after these two got married Mike was deployed, so now that he’s home they are adorable “newlyweds” all over again and our cameras loved them for it. :) Whitney is a photographer as well in their home of Minot, ND, and both she and Mike seemed so comfortable being in front of the camera. We explored one of our favorite little gems in all of Central Wisconsin and, when the session ended, we both found ourselves wishing that Whitney and Mike lived closer so the four of us could have double dates together!!

Thank you two SO much for choosing us for this session – we so enjoyed spending time with you and hope you have a wonderful anniversary in just a couple months!

Love, Kelsy & Butch

photographers-in-wisconsin-wausau-002 photographers-in-wisconsin-wausau-003 photographers-in-wisconsin-wausau-004 photographers-in-wisconsin-wausau-005 photographers-in-wisconsin-wausau-006 photographers-in-wisconsin-wausau-007 photographers-in-wisconsin-wausau-008 photographers-in-wisconsin-wausau-009 photographers-in-wisconsin-wausau-010 photographers-in-wisconsin-wausau-011 photographers-in-wisconsin-wausau-012 photographers-in-wisconsin-wausau-013 photographers-in-wisconsin-wausau-014 photographers-in-wisconsin-wausau-015 photographers-in-wisconsin-wausau-016 All images captured with Contax 645 and Pentax 67 on Fuji Pro 400H.


When Kelsey & Dave mentioned they planned to be in Central WI for a visit and were interested in family portraits with their adorable little lady, Ruby Mae, we were ecstatic!! After photographing their absolutely awesome Enchanted Barn wedding just a few years ago, we enjoyed following their adventures in Portland and couldn’t wait to meet Miss Ruby in person. Turns out, she’s even cuter than we were led to believe by following her parents’ sweet #rubymaegram’s!! :) Thank you, Kelsey, Dave and Ruby for spending a beautiful afternoon with us in one of our favorite spots in Wausau! We are so happy to have you back in the midwest and look forward to a Red Eye date in our future ;)

Love, Kelsy & Butch

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All images captured with Contax 645 and Pentax 67 on Fuji Pro 400H.


It couldn’t have worked out more perfectly. All of the Majeski “kids” were back in Door County visiting their Mom & Dad from the states they now call home, and we also had a trip to the county planned to celebrate a family birthday. We were so thrilled when Marnie reached out to us to plan a family portrait session!! Butch has known their family since grade school and the two of us had the pleasure of photographing Marnie & Wes’ wedding in Boulder years ago, so we were excited to get them in front of our cameras again. This time, on their home turf – their beautiful property near Jacksonport, WI! Surrounded by rolling hills & gardens, amazing landscaping, and even a handful of farm animals, it was the perfect setting to walk around and photograph such a beautiful family. Thank you for having us, guys! :)

Love, Kelsy & Butch

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All images captured with Contax 645 and Pentax 67 on Portra 400.