From the stunning house on Lake Michigan where the ladies got ready to a late-night fireworks display over the corn field, every moment of Samantha & Robb’s wedding celebration was well thought out and perfectly planned. Not to mention, overwhelmingly filled with joy, SO beautiful, and incredibly styled & coordinated by Carrie and her amazing team at Door County Event Planners!

And best of all? Samantha and Robb!! They exchanged handwritten vows and were being the most adorable almost-newlyweds by sharing little glances and whispers while up on the alter. Once their vows were sealed with a kiss, Samantha & Robb exited Stella Maris Church through a sea of bubbles and Door County Trolley escorted them back to Jacksonport for portraits along the shore where Samantha’s family has vacationed for years!

Upon arriving at About Thyme Barn, they were welcome by a sea of guests enjoying signature cocktails and live music by the North Coast Orchestra. This was just the beginning of the romantic candle-lit evening they planned, including some of the most entertaining and well-worded toasts we’ve ever heard, a gorgeous sunset casting its golden light over the field, and a jam-packed barn dance!! Samantha & Robb also planned a fireworks display and the only way we can describe how amazing it was is to say, from beginning to end, it was like a giant grand finale. To top it off, Rob snuck his new bride out toward the corn field to have their own private front-row view of the show. :) With all of their guests cheering behind them, there’s no doubt in our minds that this must have been the most powerful fireworks show Samantha & Robb have ever taken in!!

We are so thankful to have gotten to know Samantha & Robb and had the pleasure & honor of capturing their GRAND celebration! With an amazing team at their side including gorgeous blooms by Flora, sweets from FlourGirl Patissier, and the best wedding planner in all of Door County, they dreamed up a celebration that will never be forgotten. Cheers to this amazing couple!!!

Love, Kelsy & Butch

about-thyme-door-county-wedding-002 about-thyme-door-county-wedding-003 about-thyme-door-county-wedding-004 about-thyme-door-county-wedding-005 about-thyme-door-county-wedding-006 about-thyme-door-county-wedding-007 about-thyme-door-county-wedding-008 about-thyme-door-county-wedding-009 about-thyme-door-county-wedding-010 about-thyme-door-county-wedding-011 about-thyme-door-county-wedding-013 about-thyme-door-county-wedding-014 about-thyme-door-county-wedding-015 about-thyme-door-county-wedding-016 about-thyme-door-county-wedding-017 about-thyme-door-county-wedding-018 about-thyme-door-county-wedding-019 about-thyme-door-county-wedding-020 about-thyme-door-county-wedding-021 about-thyme-door-county-wedding-022 about-thyme-door-county-wedding-023 about-thyme-door-county-wedding-024 about-thyme-door-county-wedding-025 about-thyme-door-county-wedding-026 about-thyme-door-county-wedding-027 about-thyme-door-county-wedding-028 about-thyme-door-county-wedding-029 about-thyme-door-county-wedding-030 about-thyme-door-county-wedding-031 about-thyme-door-county-wedding-032 about-thyme-door-county-wedding-033 about-thyme-door-county-wedding-035 about-thyme-door-county-wedding-036 about-thyme-door-county-wedding-037 about-thyme-door-county-wedding-038 about-thyme-door-county-wedding-039 about-thyme-door-county-wedding-040 about-thyme-door-county-wedding-041 about-thyme-door-county-wedding-042 about-thyme-door-county-wedding-043 about-thyme-door-county-wedding-044 about-thyme-door-county-wedding-045 about-thyme-door-county-wedding-046 about-thyme-door-county-wedding-047 about-thyme-door-county-wedding-048 about-thyme-door-county-wedding-049 about-thyme-door-county-wedding-050 about-thyme-door-county-wedding-051 about-thyme-door-county-wedding-052 about-thyme-door-county-wedding-053 about-thyme-door-county-wedding-054 about-thyme-door-county-wedding-055 about-thyme-door-county-wedding-056 about-thyme-door-county-wedding-057 about-thyme-door-county-wedding-058 about-thyme-door-county-wedding-059 about-thyme-door-county-wedding-060 about-thyme-door-county-wedding-061 about-thyme-door-county-wedding-062 about-thyme-door-county-wedding-063 about-thyme-door-county-wedding-064 about-thyme-door-county-wedding-065 about-thyme-door-county-wedding-066 about-thyme-door-county-wedding-067 about-thyme-door-county-wedding-068 about-thyme-door-county-wedding-069 about-thyme-door-county-wedding-070 about-thyme-door-county-wedding-071 about-thyme-door-county-wedding-072 about-thyme-door-county-wedding-073 about-thyme-door-county-wedding-074 about-thyme-door-county-wedding-075 about-thyme-door-county-wedding-076 about-thyme-door-county-wedding-077 about-thyme-door-county-wedding-078 about-thyme-door-county-wedding-079 about-thyme-door-county-wedding-081 about-thyme-door-county-wedding-082 about-thyme-door-county-wedding-083 about-thyme-door-county-wedding-084 about-thyme-door-county-wedding-085 about-thyme-door-county-wedding-086 about-thyme-door-county-wedding-087 about-thyme-door-county-wedding-088 about-thyme-door-county-wedding-089 about-thyme-door-county-wedding-090 about-thyme-door-county-wedding-091 about-thyme-door-county-wedding-092 about-thyme-door-county-wedding-093

All images captured with Contax 645, Pentax 67, Hasselblad 500cm, Nikon F100 and Holga 120 on Fuji 400H, PAN F 50, and Delta 3200.

Wedding Coordinator: Carrie Baldwin-Smith from Door County Event Planners | Ceremony: Stella Maris Baileys Harbor Church | Reception: About Thyme Barn | Florist: Helene from Flora Flowers | Hair & Makeup: Kari Pudlo | Cake Artis & Sweets Table Treats: Sarah Basch from FlourGirl Patissier | Pie Pops: Sunflour Bakery | Catering: Mission Grille | Band: North Coast Orchestra | Paper Products: Elizabeth Grace | Videographer: Copper Clover Films | Bride’s Dress: Ulla-Maier from Ultimate Bride Chicago | Bride’s Shoes: Kate Spade | Bridesmaid Dresses: Dessy Group in Icelandic Blue | Groomsmen Suits: The Black Tux | Wedding Favors: Cherry Jam Jars from Koepsels Farm Market

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How adorable are these three!! After photographing Lesley & Jason’s engagement and amazing backyard wedding, we were crossing our fingers that we might have the honor of meeting their sweet little man on one of their trips back to Wausau. As it turned out, they were home just a couple weeks ago and we adored capturing them as the loving parents that they are to their already-trendy little one, Auden. As we’ve jokingly mentioned to Lesley & Jason before, they are truly one of the most creative, stylish and fun couples we know, so it didn’t surprise us one bit when Auden was dressed in the cutest outfit on the planet!! He loved flying high in the sky in his Mom & Dad’s arms, and seeing his reflection in the mirror brought out so many cute little expressions! :)

Lesley & Jason, thank you guys so much for spending the afternoon with us! We’re so happy for you – you sure have a sweetheart on your hands and we cannot wait to see Auden grow!

Love, Kelsy & Butch

family-photography-wausau-wi-002 family-photography-wausau-wi-003 family-photography-wausau-wi-004 family-photography-wausau-wi-005 family-photography-wausau-wi-006 family-photography-wausau-wi-007 family-photography-wausau-wi-008 family-photography-wausau-wi-009 family-photography-wausau-wi-010 family-photography-wausau-wi-011 family-photography-wausau-wi-012 family-photography-wausau-wi-013

All images captured with Contax 645 and Pentax 67 on Fuji Pro 400H.

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  • Jeff Brown - Sometimes when he has that ruffled forehead I think he looks like his Grandpa!!! great pics !!ReplyCancel

  • chelsea j - these pix are amazing! i love how they have the same feel from your engagement pix with the outdoor setting & the big beautiful pine trees…but now with the bonus of a cute little man! have to say my fave one is of les holding auden and him “flying.” xoxoxReplyCancel

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Where do we begin with the incredible celebration that was Brittany & Dustin’s wedding day?! These two are such an inspiring couple. Together they are fun, loving, witty, adorable, adventurous, and FULL of life! Every inch of Munson Bridge Winery‘s beautiful property was styled into a genuine representation of who Brittany & Dustin are and what they love most. From an olive tasting bar and open air Photo Booth to handmade yard games and the biggest cupcake spread we’ve ever seen, they treated their guests to a truly heartfelt day!!

Moments before Dustin saw his gorgeous bride for the first time, he was completely overcome by emotion. It didn’t stop there, as he and Brittany have such a connection that capturing sweet moments for them seemed to never end. Gentle embraces filled with anticipation, bursting out into laughter while riding a vintage bicycle together, and Dustin scooping up his bride for their first kiss after saying “I do” are just a few parts of their celebration that still have us smiling. :)

Brittany & Dustin, we know how much thoughtful planning you put into your wedding day and, to us, that is just one example of how amazing the two of you are together! We wish you lived in Wisconsin so that we could have regular game nights and dinner dates. :) Wishing you two so much love and happiness!!

Love, Kelsy & Butch

munson-bridge-winery-wedding-002 munson-bridge-winery-wedding-003 munson-bridge-winery-wedding-004 munson-bridge-winery-wedding-005 munson-bridge-winery-wedding-006 munson-bridge-winery-wedding-007 munson-bridge-winery-wedding-008 munson-bridge-winery-wedding-009 munson-bridge-winery-wedding-010 munson-bridge-winery-wedding-011 munson-bridge-winery-wedding-012 munson-bridge-winery-wedding-013 munson-bridge-winery-wedding-014 munson-bridge-winery-wedding-015 munson-bridge-winery-wedding-016 munson-bridge-winery-wedding-017 munson-bridge-winery-wedding-018 munson-bridge-winery-wedding-019 munson-bridge-winery-wedding-020 munson-bridge-winery-wedding-021 munson-bridge-winery-wedding-022 munson-bridge-winery-wedding-023 munson-bridge-winery-wedding-024 munson-bridge-winery-wedding-025 munson-bridge-winery-wedding-026 munson-bridge-winery-wedding-027 munson-bridge-winery-wedding-028 munson-bridge-winery-wedding-029 munson-bridge-winery-wedding-030 munson-bridge-winery-wedding-031 munson-bridge-winery-wedding-032 munson-bridge-winery-wedding-033 munson-bridge-winery-wedding-034 munson-bridge-winery-wedding-035 munson-bridge-winery-wedding-036 munson-bridge-winery-wedding-037 munson-bridge-winery-wedding-038 munson-bridge-winery-wedding-039 munson-bridge-winery-wedding-040 munson-bridge-winery-wedding-041 munson-bridge-winery-wedding-042 munson-bridge-winery-wedding-043 munson-bridge-winery-wedding-044 munson-bridge-winery-wedding-045 munson-bridge-winery-wedding-046 munson-bridge-winery-wedding-047 munson-bridge-winery-wedding-048 munson-bridge-winery-wedding-049 munson-bridge-winery-wedding-050 munson-bridge-winery-wedding-051 munson-bridge-winery-wedding-052 munson-bridge-winery-wedding-053 munson-bridge-winery-wedding-054 munson-bridge-winery-wedding-055 munson-bridge-winery-wedding-056 munson-bridge-winery-wedding-057 munson-bridge-winery-wedding-058 munson-bridge-winery-wedding-059 munson-bridge-winery-wedding-060 munson-bridge-winery-wedding-061 munson-bridge-winery-wedding-062 munson-bridge-winery-wedding-063 munson-bridge-winery-wedding-064 munson-bridge-winery-wedding-065 munson-bridge-winery-wedding-066 munson-bridge-winery-wedding-067 munson-bridge-winery-wedding-068 munson-bridge-winery-wedding-069 munson-bridge-winery-wedding-070 munson-bridge-winery-wedding-071 munson-bridge-winery-wedding-072 munson-bridge-winery-wedding-073 munson-bridge-winery-wedding-074 munson-bridge-winery-wedding-075 munson-bridge-winery-wedding-076 munson-bridge-winery-wedding-077 munson-bridge-winery-wedding-078

All images captured with Contax 645, Pentax 67, Nikon F100 and Holga 120 on Fuji 400H, PAN F 50, and Delta 3200.

Flowers: Randy from Evolutions in Design | Wedding Coordinator: Gloria Mitchell | Hair Stylist: Nicole Semling, Absolute Hair | Makeup Artist: Vanexa Yang | Cake Artist: Jessica | DJ: Midwest Sound | Catering: B&S Catering | Bride’s Dress: from Jon’s Bridal | Bridesmaid Dresses: Alfred Sung in Coastal | Bride’s Earrings: SweetMelodyShop on Etsy | Groom’s Suit: Banana Republic | Officiant: Pastor Bruce Lamont | Wedding Singer: Jerry Teclaw

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    B&D wanna throw another amazing celebration?? :)ReplyCancel

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We recently had the absolute pleasure of visiting Zainab & Mike in Appleton, where we simply couldn’t wait to meet their adorable little one, Gabe! In a room filled with windows and glowy light, Gabe let his parents love on him non-stop and was such a good little almost 8-week old for his very first photo shoot. :) He even gave us a few smiles in the form of the cutest grin imaginable! It’s so amazing seeing Zainab & Mike as “Mom and Dad” just over a year after their beautiful wedding in Milwaukee. They seem to have fallen into their new roles seamlessly, and it made us so happy to see them as a family of three!!

Love, Kelsy & Butch

newborn-photographers-wisconsin-0002 newborn-photographers-wisconsin-0003 newborn-photographers-wisconsin-0004 newborn-photographers-wisconsin-0005 newborn-photographers-wisconsin-0006 newborn-photographers-wisconsin-0007 newborn-photographers-wisconsin-0008 newborn-photographers-wisconsin-0009 newborn-photographers-wisconsin-0010 newborn-photographers-wisconsin-0011 newborn-photographers-wisconsin-0012 newborn-photographers-wisconsin-0013 newborn-photographers-wisconsin-0014 newborn-photographers-wisconsin-0015 newborn-photographers-wisconsin-0016 newborn-photographers-wisconsin-0017 newborn-photographers-wisconsin-0018 newborn-photographers-wisconsin-0019 All images captured with Contax 645, Pentax 67, Hasselblad 500cm and Nikon F100 on Fuji Pro 400H and Tri-X 400.

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    Blessings to your new family
    Remember to cherish every momentReplyCancel

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Anika & Lynn’s wedding was a perfect example of how, together, friends & family can make anything happen. From the ceramic bears & faux deer heads handmade by Anika’s Mom to the men’s shotgun shell boutonnieres and a wooden tiki bar, nearly every element of their day was a DIY collaboration!

The morning of their wedding both Anika & Lynn got ready in neighboring homes, all on Duck Lake in Watersmeet, Michigan. With Nola Kahn beautifying Anika, her hair & makeup couldn’t have been more stunning, and the bridesmaids sparkled in blush sequins as they helped Anika into her gorgeous dress in a room filled with windows! Just a short walk down a lit trail, their ceremony was set on a peninsula behind Anika’s childhood lake house. After a lovely ceremony and sunny receiving line in front of the boat house, guests were welcomed to a fun cocktail hour while we captured Anika & Lynn’s portraits just before the evening sun dipped below the tree-line! Add to that some of the best toasts we’ve ever heard, a jam-packed dance floor, and a grand sparkler exit at the end of the night where Anika & Lynn were whisked off in the back of a 1952 Chevy and you have an amazing, heartfelt wedding celebration!!

Anika & Lynn, we cannot thank you enough for choosing us to be a part of your wedding celebration! We wish the two of you endless years of happiness, joy, adventure, and trips back to Duck Lake to cheers in the very spot where you said your vows :)

Love, Kelsy & Butch

michigan-backyard-wedding-002 michigan-backyard-wedding-003 michigan-backyard-wedding-004 michigan-backyard-wedding-005 michigan-backyard-wedding-006 michigan-backyard-wedding-007 michigan-backyard-wedding-008 michigan-backyard-wedding-009 michigan-backyard-wedding-010 michigan-backyard-wedding-011 michigan-backyard-wedding-012 michigan-backyard-wedding-013 michigan-backyard-wedding-014 michigan-backyard-wedding-015 michigan-backyard-wedding-016 michigan-backyard-wedding-017 michigan-backyard-wedding-018 michigan-backyard-wedding-019 michigan-backyard-wedding-020 michigan-backyard-wedding-021 michigan-backyard-wedding-022 michigan-backyard-wedding-023 michigan-backyard-wedding-024 michigan-backyard-wedding-025 michigan-backyard-wedding-026 michigan-backyard-wedding-027 michigan-backyard-wedding-028 michigan-backyard-wedding-029 michigan-backyard-wedding-030 michigan-backyard-wedding-031 michigan-backyard-wedding-032 michigan-backyard-wedding-033 michigan-backyard-wedding-034 michigan-backyard-wedding-035 michigan-backyard-wedding-036 michigan-backyard-wedding-037 michigan-backyard-wedding-038 michigan-backyard-wedding-039 michigan-backyard-wedding-040 michigan-backyard-wedding-041 michigan-backyard-wedding-042 michigan-backyard-wedding-043 michigan-backyard-wedding-044 michigan-backyard-wedding-045 michigan-backyard-wedding-046 michigan-backyard-wedding-047 michigan-backyard-wedding-048 michigan-backyard-wedding-049 michigan-backyard-wedding-050 michigan-backyard-wedding-051 michigan-backyard-wedding-052 michigan-backyard-wedding-053 michigan-backyard-wedding-054 michigan-backyard-wedding-055 michigan-backyard-wedding-056 michigan-backyard-wedding-057 michigan-backyard-wedding-058 michigan-backyard-wedding-059 michigan-backyard-wedding-060 michigan-backyard-wedding-061 michigan-backyard-wedding-062 michigan-backyard-wedding-063

All images captured with Contax 645, Pentax 67, Nikon F100, Holga 120 and D800 on Fuji 400H, Tri-X 400, and Delta 3200.

Flowers: Randy from Evolutions in Design | Paper Products: Remember Me Stationary | DJ: Fabulux Entertainment | Videographers: One Fine Day Productions | Bride’s Dress: Rinini, from Bella Bianca | Bride’s Shoes: Stuart Weitzman | Bridesmaid Dresses: Fifth Avenue Showstoppwer Dress by Badgley Mischka

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  • Jody Savage - Oh Kelsy and Butch,
    what beautiful beautiful pictures! You two are so talented! And what a lovely wedding! I especially love the bridesmaid dresses and bouquets! And the bride was such a stunner!!ReplyCancel

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