Fall weekends in Door County, Wisconsin tend to be on the busier side. Fall colors line the shores and back roads everywhere you turn, and the busy roads in Ephraim, Sister Bay, Fish Creek and Bailey’s Harbor are usually bumper-to-bumper with cars angling to get to the next beautiful spot. We’re not sure words will do the feeling we all experienced justice, but after Katie & Nick’s ceremony at Ephraim Moravian Church overlooking Ephraim the entire wedding party gathered at the volunteer Ephraim Firestation, where Nick’s father so honorably served. One photo we hoped to get was the entire wedding party in front of the station, which is located right on highway 42 in probably the busiest part of Door County. As we were arranging Katie & Nick and their awesome wedding party, the traffic just stopped! As in, LINES of cars were graciously waiting for us to get the photos we needed! Yup, Katie and Nick stopped traffic on their wedding day on one of the busiest Door County weekends of the entire year!!

Their wedding day was blessed with rain, but you would never know it from the looks on Katie & Nick’s faces, or the faces of their guests! From the moment we arrived to the walnut cabin at Gordon Lodge in Baileys Harbor where Katie was getting into her dress, we could tell the only thing that mattered was that Katie & Nick were tying the knot. The non-stop day of celebrating also included a tour of the County via the Door County Trolley winding through Peninsula State Park and just about every colorful back road they could find on the way from their Ephraim ceremony to their BEAUTIFUL Gordon Lodge reception. After sweet and entertaining toasts, Katie & Nick enjoyed adorable cupcakes and danced the night away with all of the guests, who weren’t the least bit shy about crashing the dance floor! :)

Katie & Nick, photographing a love as strong & happy as yours is truly a blessing for us! We know the two of you will have a long, joyful and family-centered marriage. Capturing these moments that you’ll be able to look back on for a lifetime makes us burst with joy!

Love, Kelsy & Butch

gordon-lodge-door-county-wedding-002 gordon-lodge-door-county-wedding-003 gordon-lodge-door-county-wedding-004 gordon-lodge-door-county-wedding-005 gordon-lodge-door-county-wedding-006 gordon-lodge-door-county-wedding-007 gordon-lodge-door-county-wedding-008 gordon-lodge-door-county-wedding-009 gordon-lodge-door-county-wedding-010 gordon-lodge-door-county-wedding-011 gordon-lodge-door-county-wedding-012 gordon-lodge-door-county-wedding-013 gordon-lodge-door-county-wedding-014 gordon-lodge-door-county-wedding-015 gordon-lodge-door-county-wedding-016 gordon-lodge-door-county-wedding-017 gordon-lodge-door-county-wedding-018 gordon-lodge-door-county-wedding-019 gordon-lodge-door-county-wedding-020 gordon-lodge-door-county-wedding-021 gordon-lodge-door-county-wedding-022 gordon-lodge-door-county-wedding-023 gordon-lodge-door-county-wedding-024 gordon-lodge-door-county-wedding-025 gordon-lodge-door-county-wedding-026 gordon-lodge-door-county-wedding-027 gordon-lodge-door-county-wedding-028 gordon-lodge-door-county-wedding-029 gordon-lodge-door-county-wedding-030 gordon-lodge-door-county-wedding-031 gordon-lodge-door-county-wedding-032 gordon-lodge-door-county-wedding-033 gordon-lodge-door-county-wedding-034 gordon-lodge-door-county-wedding-035 gordon-lodge-door-county-wedding-036 gordon-lodge-door-county-wedding-037 gordon-lodge-door-county-wedding-038 gordon-lodge-door-county-wedding-039 gordon-lodge-door-county-wedding-040 gordon-lodge-door-county-wedding-041 gordon-lodge-door-county-wedding-042 gordon-lodge-door-county-wedding-043 gordon-lodge-door-county-wedding-044 gordon-lodge-door-county-wedding-045 gordon-lodge-door-county-wedding-046 gordon-lodge-door-county-wedding-047 gordon-lodge-door-county-wedding-048 gordon-lodge-door-county-wedding-049 gordon-lodge-door-county-wedding-050 gordon-lodge-door-county-wedding-051 gordon-lodge-door-county-wedding-052 gordon-lodge-door-county-wedding-053 gordon-lodge-door-county-wedding-054 gordon-lodge-door-county-wedding-055 gordon-lodge-door-county-wedding-056

All images captured with Contax 645, Pentax 67 and D800 on Fuji 400H, TriX 400 and Delta 3200.

Reception: Gordon Lodge | Coordinator: Amy Gorham | Flowers: Helene from Flora | Hair Stylist & Makeup: Stephanie Fox, Salon Sase | Cake Artist: Gordon Lodge | DJ: Elite Music Service | Invitations: As You Wish | Bride’s Dress: by Maggie Sottero from The Bridal Event | Bride’s Jewelry: Susan Allen | Bride’s Shoes: Macy’s | Bridesmaid Dresses: Bill Levkoff, from the Bridal Event | Groom’s Suit: Allure Men from DuBois Formalwear | Favor: Big Chocolate Chip Cookies by Nancy Christofferson

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  • Angie - These are absolutely beautiful. I especially love the Black and White one of Katie. Looks like a picture out of a bridal magazine.ReplyCancel

  • Charlotte - This was the most beautiful wedding I have ever been to! But looking at these photos has turned the memories of that day from amazing to magical! Beautiful work!ReplyCancel

  • Chris - Hey Kelsey and Butch!

    As one of Nick and Katie’s ushers, I think your partnership as a team and couple created a great atmosphere which in turn enabled you both to capture the moments of Nick and Katie’s wedding in complete natural form!

    You guys were great and fun to work with and I’m happy that the memories from Nick and Katie’s wedding can be admired for many times to come!!

    Great job and keep on capturing those great moments of life:))

    -Chris CheneyReplyCancel

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  • Tracie - Love the great mixture of black and whites, along with the beautiful color pictures emphasizing the beauty of fall in Wisconsin! Especially love that you not only took some great posed pictures (favorite is the mid sections of bride and groom where you can see Katie’s wedding rings on her grip of Nick’s arm!)…but you also captured some candids like the cute giggle of the flower girl! Great job!ReplyCancel

  • Grandpa Steve - Beautiful pictures of a beautiful couple. So happy to have been a part of this wonderful day.ReplyCancel

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This family portrait session includes three of our very favorite things: Door County’s gorgeous fall colors, an ADORABLE family who we are lucky to call great friends, and Butch’s parents beautiful land in Jacksonport! It warms our hearts watching this family grow, spending time with them, and especially getting to take photos that they will cherish for a lifetime. :)

Cain, Terry, Olive, Stella, and Ruby are an example of the kind of family we one day hope to have. Especially after spending the day with them earlier this month, as we had a blast goofing around during the session and also enjoying a cookout and giant bonfire with them afterwards (complete with s’mores, of course)!! So much love to this beautiful family!

Love, Kelsy & Butch

door-county-family-photographers-002 door-county-family-photographers-003 door-county-family-photographers-004 door-county-family-photographers-005 door-county-family-photographers-006 door-county-family-photographers-007 door-county-family-photographers-008 door-county-family-photographers-009 door-county-family-photographers-010 door-county-family-photographers-011 door-county-family-photographers-012 door-county-family-photographers-013 door-county-family-photographers-014 door-county-family-photographers-015 door-county-family-photographers-016 door-county-family-photographers-019 door-county-family-photographers-020

All images captured with Contax 645, Pentax 67 and Hasselblad 500cm on Fuji Pro 400H.

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We met Stacy & Steve at Cave Point in Door County for their engagement photos on a crisp fall evening. Cave Point is one of the County’s most iconic destinations and, on this particular day, the giant waves were crashing and giving us quite a show! :) Door County was the most perfect location for Stacy & Steve’s engagement photos as it also allowed them to soak in a relaxing weekend in the county to enjoy the fall colors!!

We had been looking forward to Stacy & Steve’s session not just because we knew the two of them are awesome and we would have fun together in this beautiful place, but also because they were bringing along a special little someone who we simply couldn’t WAIT to meet! How adorable is their goldendoodle pup, Jordy!?! He melted our hearts immediately and was such a good boy while we were taking pictures throughout the session. He effortlessly managed to make at least 15 friends because everyone who passed by couldn’t continue on without giving his sweet, fluffy face a few pets!! It’s no secret that we are also giant dog lovers, so this only made us love Stacy & Steve even more. :) We are so excited to be a part of their family farm wedding next June in Central Wisconsin!!

Love, Kelsy & Butch

door-county-engagement-photos-002 door-county-engagement-photos-003 door-county-engagement-photos-004 door-county-engagement-photos-005 door-county-engagement-photos-006 door-county-engagement-photos-007 door-county-engagement-photos-008 door-county-engagement-photos-009 door-county-engagement-photos-010 door-county-engagement-photos-011 door-county-engagement-photos-012 door-county-engagement-photos-013 door-county-engagement-photos-014 door-county-engagement-photos-015 door-county-engagement-photos-016 door-county-engagement-photos-017 door-county-engagement-photos-018 door-county-engagement-photos-019

All images captured with Contax 645 or Pentax 67 on Fuji Pro 400H.

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  • Aunt Sandy - all the pictures are absolutely beautiful – great job photographer. Of course how can you go wrong with such a lovely couple and puppy…..ReplyCancel

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    I can’t wait to see the wedding pictures.

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  • Karen - Take a Beautiful Couple: Stacy and Steve.
    With a Celebratory Occasion: their engagement.
    Amidst an Awesome Natural Setting: Door County, WI.
    And McCartney’s Photography captured the entire essence.ReplyCancel

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  • Sonam Shah - These pictures are fantastic! I love the variety, and the puppy is adorable :)ReplyCancel

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  • KELLY sYRCLE - Beautiful place,very good-looking people. Looking forward to seeing you,your new house,and your puppy. Love youReplyCancel


Everywhere we turned we found beautiful, meaningful, and timeless. Sarah & Jeff planned a wedding day that was perfectly thought out for not just them, but also for all of their guests who were flying in from around the country. Of course, there’s not much you can do when smoke fills the sky in Chicago and guests must scramble, reroute their flights, and find any form of transportation possible to be there for Sarah & Jeff’s wedding. Most made it in time to see the I do’s and, for the few who weren’t able to make it, we hope these photographs are able to tell enough of the wonderful story that was their wedding day.

Classic elegance is the phrase that comes to mind when we think of Sarah & Jeff and their University Club of Milwaukee wedding. Personal details like Sarah’s grandmother’s broach attached to her bouquet, Jeff & his groomsmen playing Texas hold ‘em before the ceremony like they’ve probably done dozens of times, and Sarah’s father, Ken, with the brightest smile and glossy eyes walking his daughter down the aisle to marry Jeff, are  just a small part of what made their day so wonderful.

The University Club of Milwaukee was filled with gorgeous flowers & historic charm everywhere you turned, as well as golden chandeliers and matching chiavari chairs that warmed the room where Sarah & Jeff said I do. But, the way they loved each other all day long and the smiles on the faces of Sarah & Jeff’s guests was enough to make their hearts full on the most memorable day of their lives! Not to mention their caring families, bridal party that was full of laughs, that magical sliver of a sunset we found at the end of their portrait time, or the band who had everyone on their feet immediately following the first dances.

Sarah & Jeff, thank you SO much for trusting us to document your memories on a perfectly beautiful Milwaukee, Wisconsin day! :)

Love, Kelsy & Butch

university-club-of-milwaukee-wedding-002 university-club-of-milwaukee-wedding-003 university-club-of-milwaukee-wedding-004 university-club-of-milwaukee-wedding-005 university-club-of-milwaukee-wedding-006 university-club-of-milwaukee-wedding-007 university-club-of-milwaukee-wedding-008 university-club-of-milwaukee-wedding-009 university-club-of-milwaukee-wedding-010 university-club-of-milwaukee-wedding-011 university-club-of-milwaukee-wedding-012 university-club-of-milwaukee-wedding-013 university-club-of-milwaukee-wedding-014 university-club-of-milwaukee-wedding-015 university-club-of-milwaukee-wedding-016 university-club-of-milwaukee-wedding-017 university-club-of-milwaukee-wedding-018 university-club-of-milwaukee-wedding-019 university-club-of-milwaukee-wedding-020 university-club-of-milwaukee-wedding-021 university-club-of-milwaukee-wedding-022 university-club-of-milwaukee-wedding-023 university-club-of-milwaukee-wedding-024 university-club-of-milwaukee-wedding-025 university-club-of-milwaukee-wedding-026 university-club-of-milwaukee-wedding-027 university-club-of-milwaukee-wedding-028 university-club-of-milwaukee-wedding-029 university-club-of-milwaukee-wedding-030 university-club-of-milwaukee-wedding-031 university-club-of-milwaukee-wedding-032 university-club-of-milwaukee-wedding-033 university-club-of-milwaukee-wedding-034 university-club-of-milwaukee-wedding-035 university-club-of-milwaukee-wedding-036 university-club-of-milwaukee-wedding-037 university-club-of-milwaukee-wedding-038 university-club-of-milwaukee-wedding-039 university-club-of-milwaukee-wedding-040 university-club-of-milwaukee-wedding-041 university-club-of-milwaukee-wedding-042 university-club-of-milwaukee-wedding-043 university-club-of-milwaukee-wedding-044 university-club-of-milwaukee-wedding-045 university-club-of-milwaukee-wedding-046 university-club-of-milwaukee-wedding-047 university-club-of-milwaukee-wedding-048 university-club-of-milwaukee-wedding-049 university-club-of-milwaukee-wedding-050 university-club-of-milwaukee-wedding-051 university-club-of-milwaukee-wedding-052 university-club-of-milwaukee-wedding-053 university-club-of-milwaukee-wedding-054 university-club-of-milwaukee-wedding-055 university-club-of-milwaukee-wedding-056 university-club-of-milwaukee-wedding-057 university-club-of-milwaukee-wedding-058 university-club-of-milwaukee-wedding-059 university-club-of-milwaukee-wedding-060 university-club-of-milwaukee-wedding-061 university-club-of-milwaukee-wedding-062 university-club-of-milwaukee-wedding-063 university-club-of-milwaukee-wedding-064 university-club-of-milwaukee-wedding-065 university-club-of-milwaukee-wedding-066 university-club-of-milwaukee-wedding-067 university-club-of-milwaukee-wedding-068 university-club-of-milwaukee-wedding-069 university-club-of-milwaukee-wedding-070 university-club-of-milwaukee-wedding-071 university-club-of-milwaukee-wedding-072 university-club-of-milwaukee-wedding-073 university-club-of-milwaukee-wedding-074 university-club-of-milwaukee-wedding-075 university-club-of-milwaukee-wedding-076 university-club-of-milwaukee-wedding-077 university-club-of-milwaukee-wedding-078 university-club-of-milwaukee-wedding-079

All images captured with Contax 645, Pentax 67, Nikon F100, Hasselblad 500cm, Holga 120 and D800 on Fuji 400H, TriX 400 and Delta 3200.

Flowers: Jaimer’s Floral | Wedding Coordinator: Arlene Remsik | Hair Stylist & Makeup: Erik of Norway | Cake Artist: Simmas Bakery | Band: TVK Orchestra | Invitations: Broadway Paper | Bride’s Dress: by Simone Carvalli, from Zita Bridal Salon | Bride’s Necklace: Tiffany’s | Bride’s earrings: Zita Bridal Salon | Bride’s Shoes: Jimmy Choo | Bridesmaid Dresses: Zita Bridal Salon by Bill Levkoff | Groom’s Suit: J.Crew | Favor: Chocolates from Burke Candy | Linen/Chair Rentals: Canopies

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Maggie and DJ came to visit us in Wausau for their engagement session on an absolutely GORGEOUS fall evening!! The colors were just turning, the sun was bursting through the trees, and the four of us were nothing but smiles as we made our way around the mountain together (even with Maggie in heels!) :) These two are so sweet together, and we knew from the moment we first Skyped with them that their style & smiley faces were a perfect fit for us! Let us assure you, they are as adorable in real life as they seem from these photos!!

From DJ serenading his lovely bride-to-be with his guitar (we must say, we enjoyed the serenading as well) to us sprinting through the tall field to catch a glowing sliver of golden sunlight, this session made us even more excited for Maggie and DJ’s wedding and we cannot wait for their day to come next September!!

Maggie & DJ, thank you both for making the trip to Wausau and for trusting us as we took you “off-roading” through some very thick fields in search of the perfect light! We had SO much fun with the two of you and cannot wait to celebrate with more photos on your wedding day!

Love, Kelsy & Butch

fall-engagement-photos-wausau-wi-002 fall-engagement-photos-wausau-wi-003 fall-engagement-photos-wausau-wi-004 fall-engagement-photos-wausau-wi-005 fall-engagement-photos-wausau-wi-006 fall-engagement-photos-wausau-wi-007 fall-engagement-photos-wausau-wi-008 fall-engagement-photos-wausau-wi-009 fall-engagement-photos-wausau-wi-010 fall-engagement-photos-wausau-wi-011 fall-engagement-photos-wausau-wi-012 fall-engagement-photos-wausau-wi-013 fall-engagement-photos-wausau-wi-014 fall-engagement-photos-wausau-wi-015 fall-engagement-photos-wausau-wi-016 fall-engagement-photos-wausau-wi-017 fall-engagement-photos-wausau-wi-018

All images captured with Contax 645, Pentax 67, Hasselblad 500cm and RZ67 on Fuji Pro 400H.

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