Over the last few weeks we’ve had so much fun reliving a couple of our favorite weddings & engagements on lovely wedding blogs!! After all of the planning that our couples put into their sessions and celebrations, it is such a joy to see their efforts serve as inspiration for future brides & grooms :) First up was Emily & Dave’s classic country club wedding in Milwaukee, featured on the wonderful Elizabeth Anne Designs! Their beautiful wedding day was filled with the perfect amount of sunshine, personal touches, a hint of nautical detailing, and one of the most adorable couples of all time!! :)


Abby couldn’t have said it more perfectly in Jess & Dom’s feature on Style Me Pretty – these two really are amazing!

“So girls. I think you’re going to kind of love this wedding. Because the “there is just something sexy about a man in uniform” theory definitely applies. Add to that a girl fit to be a princess, a stunning ballroom backdrop and oh, maybe some of the prettiest pics – shot by The McCartneys – I’ve ever seen and bam. Love gone wild.”

We are So grateful to have been the ones behind the cameras as Jess & Dom’s magical day unfolded in front of us :)


Brittany & Dustin are a sweet, fun couple with this amazing sense of style that is absolutely timeless! Their cozy engagement session was featured on the Midwest’s very own destination for all things wedding – thank you, Wisconsin Bride!!! :)

xoxo, Kelsy & Butch

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Sera Petras - What wonderful features. Congrats and beautiful work.

Sera Petras - What wonderful features. Congrats and beautiful work.

Sandra Coan - Wow!! Congratulations!!

Lauren Guilford - Congrats! Such well deserved features! :)



With the help of my amazing Mom (thanks MOM!!!), we started planning a special day to get all of the ladies in our family together to celebrate with Susan before her & Eric’s wedding day. The day came in a hurry and it was SO wonderful having everyone over to our home to chat, cheers, enjoy delicious bites, and love on Susan!! A giant thank you to Eric for letting us steal Susan for the weekend, and of course to everyone that came and made this sunny day so sweet :)

Just over a month & a half and we’ll all be together again, celebrating the real thing!

xoxo, Kelsy

bridal-shower-decor-002 bridal-shower-decor-003 bridal-shower-decor-004 bridal-shower-decor-005 bridal-shower-decor-006 bridal-shower-decor-007 bridal-shower-decor-008 bridal-shower-decor-009 bridal-shower-decor-010 bridal-shower-decor-011 bridal-shower-decor-012 bridal-shower-decor-013 bridal-shower-decor-014 bridal-shower-decor-015 bridal-shower-decor-016 bridal-shower-decor-017 bridal-shower-decor-018 bridal-shower-decor-019 bridal-shower-decor-020 bridal-shower-decor-021

With stunning flowers by Evolutions, a deeeelicious lemon poppy seed cake from Blue Dot Bakeshop and a few fun other elements, we had fun transforming our dining room into the “party room”. We also enjoyed operating like a small army while baking, slicing and dicing to prepare a little sweet & a little savory for everyone to enjoy!

PS – Doesn’t Susan look particularly stunning!! Absolutely love the makeup that Vanexa Yang dolled her up with :)

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Kati Decker - Super sweet! I love the big portrait of everyone. It looks like it was a ton of fun!

Rebecca Lindon - Gahh, so much pretty here! Beautiful work :0)

wendy laurel - wow.. great great details.. LOVE that first shot.. and such beautiful color. Love the group portrait in the doorway too. Great idea.

Lindsay Madden - What a beautiful bridal shower! Great job capturing it all.

jody savage - absolutely darling. and could YOU be any cuter?!?!?!

Ashley Kelemen - This is so beautiful and such a sweet occasion!!

Nicole - What a gorgeous wedding shower! Makes me want to get married all over again just so I can have you plan my shower! ;)

christina - super cute!! LOVE the last frame… clinking glasses never gets old to me!!



If we were being completely honest we would tell you that this day, Julia & Alex’s day, is one that we will never ever forget. After a beautiful outdoor ceremony in Julia’s family’s backyard, she & Alex enjoyed greeting and embracing each of their guests in one of the most heartfelt receiving lines we have ever seen! Everyone was smiling from ear-to-ear as hugs, laughter and giant squeezes were being shared in every direction. We couldn’t help but smile behind our cameras as we captured so many beautiful moments! :) Afterwards, we had what seemed like an eternity to photograph Julia & Alex in the most perfect evening light and beautiful fields that filled her family’s property. That’s when this moment happened, as they stood in the exact place where they had just said their vows and held on tight. And since Julia & Alex’s wedding in 2012, this image has remained one of our favorites… for so many reasons! :)

Contax 645 | Fuji 400H

View more of Julia & Alex’s Backyard + Wausau Country Club Wedding here!

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connie lyu - LOVE!!

Trish Barker - What a beautiful photo!

Lisa O'Dwyer - Beautiful! Absolutely dreamy!!!

Krystle Akin - WOW! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this image!

Alpana Aras-King - Beautiful moment!

Jainé Kershner - so much emotion in one image. so powerful!

Nicole Spangler - Once again, a beautiful photo!! Love the emotion!

kel ward - This shot is beautiful (that bokeh!) and what you wrote made me tear up. So sweet.

Lindsay Madden - Simple & sweet. Sometimes you only need one picture to tell a story. SO beautiful!



We had the absolute pleasure of photographing this beautiful family of three when Maggie was a brand new bundle, and just over a week ago she celebrated her first birthday! With big blue eyes that light up for her Mom & Dad, this little lady is an absolute DOLL!! Kim had fun shopping for the most darling little dress for Maggie to wear and, because everyone is more comfortable in jeans, she slipped into a cute little nautical look for the second half of her session ;) Highlights from Maggie’s one year session include, but are certainly not limited to: Daddy chasing her through the halls and into her room which brought about the BIGGEST smiles & giggles, playing with Mommy’s pretty statement necklace, and giggling even more when they brought out her talking teddy bear!

Kim & Stew – thank you both so much for inviting us over for a visit!! We loved photographing adorable miss Maggie and can’t wait to see you three again soon :)

xoxo, Kels & Butch

 Most images captured on film with Contax 645 on Portra 800.
door-county-baby-photographer-002 door-county-baby-photographer-003 door-county-baby-photographer-004 door-county-baby-photographer-005 door-county-baby-photographer-006 door-county-baby-photographer-007 door-county-baby-photographer-008 door-county-baby-photographer-009 door-county-baby-photographer-010 door-county-baby-photographer-011 door-county-baby-photographer-012 door-county-baby-photographer-013 door-county-baby-photographer-014

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wendy laurel - oh this film is gorgeous! lovely colors and the sweetest shots.

christina - DARLING!!!

Kel Ward - Oh my goodness, what a doll!

victoria o'leary - What a doll!! Love the light airiness!! Lovely!

Meghan Boeyr - What a sweet session! she is adorable and I love the image of her crawling away…who can resist a diaper butt! :)

Lindsay Madden - What a beautiful little girl & what a sweet session. I love how you captured it all!

Stefanie Kapra - Gorgeous! What a cute little lady!

Kristin Sweeting - Beautiful! Oh my goodness, I love these colors and that room!

Kimberly - Thanks for the sweet comments everyone, love our little lady! :) And yes, James, she is Stew’s twin! Hope you and your beautiful family are well!

Jainé Kershner - so precious!

Trish Barker - These are all so good, but that one with her holding her bear! You can see her love in her eyes and expression. So, so sweet.

JAMES STOKES - Kim, you were right she does look like Stew :) Such a doll! Gorgeous photos – she is going to love the spring grass between those toes.

Sandra Coan - What an adorable little family! Love everything about these!!

suzyb - What a doll indeed!! I really love that photo of her and mama, where she’s touching the top of her head slightly.. I just love the tones and peaceful feeling to it, and the bun on mom’s head.. so dreamy on film! Beautiful session!!